Being a follower of the true Jesus or as a Christadelphian being a Jeshuaist

In the world of religion, from those here in Europe having a faith the majority says they are Christian. When we hear and look at the media when they talk about Christians they mainly mean Roman Catholics. The majority of those who call themselves Christian do worship Christ Jesus as their god. Though one could say a true Christian should follow the teachings of the true Christ, Jesus the Messiah, and should worship the same God as Jesus Christ worshipped, Who was (is) the Jehovah God of Israel (= the God of Abraham) Who is a singular eternal omniscient supreme Spirit Being no man can see.

When one speaks of a follower in English, as is Dutch, the name of that person is used followed by the ending “-ist”. As such we may say that the follower of John Calvin is a Calvinist. Also when it is about following a person his ideas, we often call their followers by the name of that person with the ending “-ist”. That way we can find in this world Trotskists, Marxists, Leninists, Trumpists, etc..

When we speak about followers of the true Jesus Christ, we should remember that his real name is not Jesus but Jeshua. When we speak about following that real Jesus, the son of God and the sent one from God, we could call his followers “Jesus’ followers” or “Jeshuaists“.

By calling yourself a Jeshuaist or follower of Jeshua you indicate you want to be, or you are a, follower of Jeshua, the Nazarene master teacher Jeshua, Jesus Christ the Messiah.
When you call yourself a “Christian” probably nobody is going to question what you really believe and most people shall think You are worshipping the same god as they, namely Jesus. By saying you are a Christadelphian and/or a Jeshuaist people shall question what that might be. As such you give a reason to talk about your faith.

When not avoiding to indicate you do not want to belong to those trinitarian Christians, but indicating you want to be, or you are, a follower of the real Jeshua, the Nazarene rebbe Jeshua, you give yourself an opportunity to witness about Jesus and about his heavenly Father, the Only One True God, , the Host of hosts Jehovah, the Almighty God.

Witnessing about the biblical truth is very important and we should not be afraid to make it clear on which side of Christianity we stand. The reason we in Belgium do not so much like to use “Brothers in Christ” (though we have also our website Brothers in Christ) is because in normal talk some might think we are part of the Catholic ‘Brothers in Christ’ or part of the Catholic ‘Brothers of Christ’ (which we naturally are not). In Holland they have not such a problem and therefor mostly use the name “Broeders in Christus” (Brothers in Christ) where we mostly would say “Christadelphians”.

Christadelphians are brothers or sisters in Christ and are real followers of the real Jesus and as such as Jesus’ followers are also Jeshuaists and belong as such also to the Abrahamic Faith Groups. The same as a Christadelphian can be called Brother in Christ he also can be called a “Christian” as well as a “Jeshuaist”. But not every Jeshuaist must be a Christadelphian like not every Christian is a Christadelphian.  Though there are more Christians with a totally different faith, having the majority in Christendom its christians being trinitarian, than between Jeshuaists, because all Jeshuaist accept Jeshua or Jesus Christ as the son of man, son of God, the sent one from God, who is a prophet who gave his life for all, offering himself as a ransom, paying for our sins.

By those Jeshuaists several may be Jews, but not all have to be Jews. Several may be Christadelphian, but not all of those Christadelphians belonging to the same group. Those Christadelphians or Brothers in Christ may belong to the Amended or non-amended Christadelphians, or to the Central, Dawn, Berean or Bible Student Christadelphians. Or they may belong to the Church of Abrahamic Faith, the Restored Church (which some consider to be also Christadelphians, whilst others say they are not Christadelphians) or to the Church of God or another non-trinitarian community.

In any case what Jeshuaists connect is their faith in the Nazarene master teacher Jeshua (Jesus Christ), who they consider to be a man of flesh and blood who has put his own will aside to do the will of God. Jeshuaists have in common that they want to do the Will of God, and that they consider the different groups of followers of Jeshua (followers of Jesus) to be all partakers of the Body of Christ. What all unite is that they all feel united with Jesus Christ and are willing to take up the task he has given to his disciples and followers, namely to go out in the world to proclaim the Good News of the coming Kingdom of God.

As a Christadelphian or Brother in Christ we should follow the real Christ, Jesus the Nazarene Jew Jeshua, who died for us all. We should not be afraid to tell others who and why we follow this man of flesh and blood and in who we trust, him being the mediator between God and man.

Coming closer to the end-times we should make it clear to the world who we follow and who everybody should come to recognise as the saviour who can bring us closer to God. Being a Brother in Christ or Christadelphian we should let others know the difference between the sort of Christians that there exists. One may consider us being part of the Protestant groups, but one also could consider us as part of a fifth or sixth house in Christendom, being Jeshuaists or being followers of the Nazarene Jew Jesus, whose real name is Jeshua. As a Christadelphians we should make it clear to the world that we as Jeshuaists or followers of Jeshua (followers of the real Jesus Christ) we, like that Nazarene master teacher, witness of and for Jehovah, and that we do not belong to the trinitarian Christians, and worship the Only One True God of Israel, the God of the Jews, non-trinitarian Christians and Muslims.



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