White Fields & Around the world

White Fields started as a program for defraying the expenses of volunteers who wanted to dedicate a season of their lives to
preaching and serving. It expanded to include financial support for a wide range of projects, all centred on showing our Lord’s love by sharing the Gospel and helping the needy around the world.
Below are examples of what we’ve been doing.

India Projects

WCF directs substantial funding each year to welfare work under – way in India. The Foundation helps four programs in particular.

Shunem Home

is a residence that provide safe accommodation for vulnerable elderly and the children of parents who have been treated for leprosy.

The Children’s Nutrition Program

distributes a nutritional supplement to 2,200 children across central India.

The Mobile Leprosy Clinic

provides medical supplies, food supplements, and skilled medical care to people affected by leprosy who have very limited means, but are able to live independently with the help of this care.

The Jayanthi Rehabilitation Center

provides safe housing and rehab training to leprosy patients whose situation has become precarious. The goal of JRC is to restore residents to independence.


Emergency Typhoon Support For Vietnam

The eye of typhoon Damrey passed directly over Phu Tho, home to many believers and their families. Corrugated roofs were torn from homes exposing personal effects that were then destroyed by the torrential rains. Through the generosity of our donors, a grant was forwarded to defray these expenses and assist in rebuilding damaged homes.

North America

After many discussions, we believe there is great need for a faith renaissance in North America. Recognizing that need and in keeping with our vision of cultivating faith, WCF is undertaking a new area of interest in 2019. WCF want to create a more fertile climate for faith to grow in our backyard. Thus, we are fielding a new range of activities in the year ahead aimed at helping us understand that climate and how it can be improved. We’re considering several new projects, including:

Faith preparation for college students

for young adults planning to begin a university degree.
Through a fusion of classroom learning, and hands-on service projects, the program aims to prepare students for the rigours of deeply examining their reasons for having faith.

A Project to scale and connect

existing programs that cultivate faith in our youth. This effort would be aimed at stronger coordination among the programs,
strengthening the connections and curriculums among them, and creating stronger synergies founded on what is already working best with children, teenagers, and young adults.

A New Effort to leverage

the experiences of White Fields workers. This project will identify opportunities for returning White fields brothers and sisters to organize and lead innovative service teams in North America.

A Program to develop

multimedia faith tools.
This program will create powerful tools to promote and facilitate a community conversation about faith in a contemporary context, with the aim of stimulating new, constructive ways to cultivate faith together.

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