United helping to spread the Good News

As brothers and sisters in Christ we feel united with him and each-other. Having had the end of year and new year feasts and family gatherings, we are very well aware how we need each other and how we should try to build up our community.

We are also aware that the Bible’s frequent refrain talks about “God His people’ and ‘our God’. This repeatedly reminds us that we are a community — part of God’s family. We may have a lot of differences and may see different ways of life, we know that we should all grow to be a healthy part of the Body of Christ. Like a body, each part has a vital role to play. The Lord has formed us for a collective purpose. We are dedicated to adopting the values of God. We are committed to doing the works of faith we have seen in Jesus, and the very ones we hope to perform with His constant aid.

We may not forget that faith without works is dead. Not all of us can go out daily to preach, but now and then it should be one of your possibilities to make yourself free to go out and to tell others about your faith. Faith can grow abundantly when we understand and fully embrace the fact that God has put us together on purpose.
Accordingly, the Christadelphian community is committed to a vision of Cultivating Faith Together.

In our community we have some organisations which specifically concentrate on preaching and mission work. They, with a lot of voluntary workers try to spread the Good News. But even when we are not paid evangelists we encounter a lot of costs. The ecclesia work and the preaching work demand structures, printed material, work and publications on the internet.  As such we encounter many costs, though our income is very miserable.

Our Christadelphian ecclesia in Belgium is focused on faith and the spreading of the Good News of the coming Kingdom of God, because it is the bedrock of our relationship with God and His Son. Faith is what compels us to walk with the people around us, for good, for a lifetime. And our faith is what is tested in the daily trials and decisions of life.
The Belgian ecclesia is committed to cultivating more faith together.
We hope you will join us in this great cause. We seek those who want to give their hands, their hearts, their financial resources. We know that, together, we can truly grow more faith.

All financial help is welcome
BE37 9730 6618 2528
Please give as Reason for payment “Preaching funds”

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