Video: Introducing the Christadelphian Community

The Christadelphians are a world-wide religious body that have attempted to get back to the faith and character of the early Christian church. We rely on the Bible accepting that all of the Bible is the wholly inspired Word of God and God’s only revealed message to mankind (2 Timothy 3:16). They therefore read it carefully and regularly. A reading plan, called the Bible Companion, enables them to read the Old Testament once in a year, and the New Testament twice.

If man is truly to understand the Bible, he must be prepared for the fact that it is absolutely frank about all issues, and primarily about ourselves. It is the most realistic book in the world, confronting the stark issues of life without wishful thinking. Human problems, both of the race and of individuals, are frankly assessed. The origin of the problems is explained and so is the solution to them. The Bible is the only source in the world to do this in harmony with the facts of history and of human life. The Law, the Psalms and the Prophets – were accepted by Jesus and his apostles as “the word of God”. The Bible is a unity: the revelation of God for mankind begins in the pages of the Old Testament and is continued and expanded in the New. The “whole counsel of God” (Acts 20:27) is to be derived from the whole book. We as brothers and sisters in Christ do believe all answers are in the bible and when we are willing to listen to it all fits very well and then we can find light on the path to the Kingdom of God. Therefore we love to bring other people also to read and investigate that infallible Word of God, because we believe the Bible has the answers to solving life’s problems.

There must be many people who feel that there is something outstandingly significant about the person and the teaching of Jesus Christ. Yet when they survey “Christianity“, both in its history and its modern forms, they find a wide variety of churches and communities, all with their differing foundations, teachings and practices. Feeling bewildered by the existence of so many groups claiming the name “Christian“, they may well give up the quest for “the truth” as hopeless.

Fundamental to the Christadelphian faith is the principle that what Christ and his apostles taught in the first century was truth, and it is still the truth today. The Holy Scriptures, both Old and New Testaments, are their sole authority.

The Life of Discipleship

Believing the Gospel as the Bible presents it, brings about a marked change in outlook. The true follower of Christ has a new dimension in his life: the will of God is sovereign and Christ is his King. The Kingdom which Christ will establish at his Second Coming is the one to which he belongs. Following the apostolic command:

“Submit yourselves to every ordinance of man for the Lord’s sake” (1 Peter 2:13),

he will obey all the commandments of authority, unless they conflict with the law of God. Then he follows the apostle Peter‘s saying:

“We ought to obey God rather than men” (Acts 5:29).

When his nation goes to war, the sincere believer who accepts New Testament teaching cannot fight for a human government, nor set out to destroy his fellow man. Christadelphians have a long record of refusing to join armed forces, and many governments have recognized the sincerity of their convictions.

Peace of Mind

But the greatest impact is in the believer’s personal life. He has had his eyes opened to the self-indulgence, the greed and the pride which are so evident in human society. He has the example of Christ, who put away these natural desires in order to do the will of God. Recognising the great grace he has received in the forgiveness of sins and in reconciliation with God, the servant of Christ seeks to extend the same love, mercy and kindness to others, to speak the truth and to act honestly in all his dealings. Though the ideal is not always attained, owing to human weakness, its recognition produces a calm and peaceful attitude of great comfort in this turbulent age.

Christadelphians know from the Scriptures that the present age of man’s dominion is coming to an end. While there is still time, they invite all to examine – or re-examine – the true teachings of the Bible. Once he has understood “the truth“, the sincere enquirer will appreciate the new view he has gained, both of his own life and of the world in general. He will be better equipped to face that life as it is, with its mingled joy and sorrow, fortified by faith in the power of God and in the truth of His Word, sustained by the assurance that God is a merciful Father and that Jesus is his intercessor; in this life of service and faith, he will enjoy the encouraging fellowship of others who believe the same things.

God is still calling out a people for His Kingdom. Your future depends on your response!







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