Video How the Biblical Canon Was Formed

In the previous chapters we have seen that for thousand years God choose pepole to guide those who were willing to listen to the men of God. In many regions and cultures seeds were sawn making it possible that the Word of God went from one place to an other.

Depending on the group of people certain books were more popular or considered more special to be read as a guidance for their life. In Judaic tradition the main scrolls grouped as the Torah or Law, being the most important books for mankind, giving the directions from the Elohim Hashem God. Next to those books they had the Books of the prophets and an assembly of Writings the Ketuvim. When the time went on more books and letters were thought to be an important read to build up the Faith. Having different groups it was no surprise that there became different collections of Books or bibles with different books differently ordered.

When we speak of The Bible, we talk about the full collection of books that the Jewish and Christian communities around the world have historically accepted as uniquely authoritative.

For the Christians The Bible is a composition of the Jewish Bible or Tanakh (the Hebrew and Aramaic writings consisting of the Torah, Nevi’im and Ketuvim) or the Old Testament with the additional of the books of the second covenant or the New Testament (consisting of the Gospels, Pauline letters, general epistles or letters of the apostles and the Book of the revelation of the apostle John). But not all the Christian groups agree about the same Old Testament books and do not have them in the same order. This has come because the Jewish as well as Christian groups originated at other times and the Judaic groups being very diverse with Hellenists, Essenes, Sadducees, Hebraists and Pharisees, Rabbinic Judaism, plus later many other divisions. Most of the differences that remain today were inherited before the Tanakh became the single official version of the Jewish Bible.







God’s Self-Revelation

The Greatness of the eternal God

The real God

God as Father

Born of the Father

The Love of God

The Wrath of God

The New Testament and Judgement

To be prepared for the Day of Judgment

Living as a believer in Christ

A participation in the body of Christ

Do you believe what Christ’s Apostles taught?

Different wineskins

Bible Reading: is it worthwhile?

The importance of Reading the Scriptures

The Bible: is it contradictory?

Another way looking at a language #1 New Year, Books and Words

The importance of Reading the Scriptures

Increase our zeal for the Holy script

The Canon of Scripture

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