Christadelphian Truth Corps

In the November issue of ‘The Christadelphian’ you can find a review of the activities of Truth Corps in 2018 included in the community pages.

The 3-6 week missionary program that gives participants the opportunity to visit their Brethren in ecclesiae throughout the Americas and preach, teach and serve in a manner patterned after Jesus’ example is now in the process of looking for potential team members, team leaders and host ecclesiae for the coming years!

There have been more than 350 brothers and sisters who have served on Truth Corps since the program’s inception in 1970. Prior team members have found that being part of Truth Corps was a defining moment in their spiritual development and made a lasting impact on the lives of many brothers and sisters around the world.

One of the primary benefits of Truth Corps is that it opens to each member a new and expanded perspective about the Truth.  When members return to their home ecclesiae, a zeal for the Lord is evident.  For many, it has led to life-long changes; many team members see outreach in a new, less fearful way, and they often help to infuse enthusiasm for preaching when they return to their home

There is no maximum age for being a Truth Corp team member, and especially with international work, a variety of ages strengthens the team.

The following are some of the ways in which Truth Corps (missionary program) can assist a host ecclesia:

  • Conduct accelerated canvassing of new and previously contacted communities
  • Provide effective follow-up of existing contacts as well as those who may have dropped from classes or seminars in past months
  • Set a useful example to your young people, and at times incorporate them within the team
  • Promote special programs, such as Bible seminars or Vacation Bible Schools
  • Participate in leading classes for a Vacation Bible School

Typically, the team will visit a host ecclesia for 1-2 weeks.  The expenses for host ecclesia are generally limited to meals for the team, automobile use and costs associated with advertising or the actual program(s) for the work of the team.  Subsidies may be available if the cost is prohibitive to an ecclesia.  Truth Corps has worked equally well for large and small ecclesiae.


Over the past several years, Truth Corps has visited British Columbia, Maryland, Virginia, Mexico, Guyana, St Lucia, Trinidad and Tobago. The Truth Corps experience is different each year, but it is always focused on helping spread the joy of the gospel!


CBMA Volunteer Information Form.

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