A new generation heads out for CBM

Some six months ago around 180 brothers and sisters and young people attended the CBM New Generation Day at Solihull. The day provided information on what CBM does and sought to encourage a new generation of CBM workers. The day resulted in a good number of volunteers coming forward who were keen to get involved with CBM work. Over the last six weeks, several younger brothers and sisters have headed out to help with CBM work in Africa and Europe.

In mid-September, Brother Jacob Shilvock and Sister Gee Mallinder spent two weeks in Uganda along with Brother Paul and Sister Faith Boyd and Brother Jon White.

Jacob said:

“Visiting Uganda has definitely added a new perspective to my faith, particularly by showing how (I imagine) the early churches would have lived, preached and worshipped, and how God is so central to the lives of people who depend on him for the basics of survival. I admired the passion for studying, joyful praising and generous nature of the Brothers and Sisters and will try to let it influence me going forward. One brother who has stuck in my mind was Cornelius. He travelled 10 hours with his wife and children from one of the poorest regions in the north of Uganda to attend the elder’s workshops. The ecclesia he attends only have a few bibles between them and can rarely afford wine for a breaking of bread, yet he still found time and effort to go into prisons to preach every week. I’ve never seen such fiery passion for the gospel message and judging by the way he described his life to us, he is and will be a fantastic preacher.”

Gee also enjoyed her visit:

“I LOVED our trip to Uganda! We met so many people, who were all so friendly and got to experience the way they live and see their faith in God in action. I loved the singing and the praise. We were able to help some of the widows of the nearby ecclesias with physical needs, buying sustainable food such as chickens and also clothes etc. Their faces when we gave them their new stuff was just so humbling and so lovely to see. Brother George, whose house we stayed at, was not only super hospitable but a really fun man – he made the whole team dress up in traditional African dress and pose for silly photos for ages whilst we were all completely boiling hot!! Since coming back to the UK, I have a fresh outlook on my faith and the way I could and should be trusting in God in all things. I would highly recommend a CBM trip to anyone – I learnt so much, making lots of new friends and working together as a team made it really rewarding.”

In early September, Sisters Katie Payne and Jo White accompanied Brothers Kevin Bateman and Dan
Collard to the Czech Republic for a weekend to visit our brother and sisters, visit a contact and help
preach the gospel in Prague.

Jo said:

“It was my first time abroad, and flying, but I didn’t need to be nervous as I was in good hands!
Over the four days in the country, we drove just under 1,000 km with the translator, explored the beautiful scenery, ate lots of dumplings, tried some chlebí􀀀ky, and got to know each other pretty well! It was lovely to be able to have time in fellowship with some of our sisters there, although it felt quite sad to leave them knowing they might not have another breaking of bread with others for a few months. We also met with an interested friend and did an evening public talk in Prague, encouraging and assuring us that the seed is still worth sowing. Overall, it was a very uplifting experience and helped me to appreciate the blessing of easy fellowship that we enjoy in the UK, as well as the importance of going to other countries in order to support our brothers and sisters who are less fortunate than we are. I look forward to joining other CBM trips in the future (and I will remember to take British tea bags!) and pray that the next time we meet with our Czech brothers and sisters will be very soon in Jerusalem!”

Katie added:

 “We spent our time travelling around the country visiting our brothers and sisters in isolation, to break bread with them and learn more about their lives and to try and help them on their walk to the Kingdom, as they helped us on ours. Our visits were short, but to see the joy on their faces as we arrived was something I will never forget. These brothers and sisters don’t have easy lives, yet they are some of the most positive people I have ever had the privilege to meet. The word of God is truly a lamp unto their feet and a light on their path. The visit was very emotional, but it made me realise just how blessed we are in this country to share fellowship with one another so often and so easily. It was a challenging few days, but there’s nothing I didn’t enjoy. Each person we visited made me feel so welcome in their home, even though we had never met each other before. They are all genuinely interested in our lives and love to listen to stories about the fellowship we share over here. It was my first CBM trip, and I have made so many memories I will treasure for the rest of my life, and it taught me you have the potential to make someone’s whole year in an hour.”

There are many others from the New Generation Day who have expressed a strong interest in getting involved in CBM work. Whilst some have trips planned for the next six months, CBM has committed that all who have expressed an interest will have the opportunity to go on a CBM trip before the end of 2019.

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