Route 66 Movement

Michael Ash from the Winton ecclesia has over the last year been prayerfully laying the foundations for a long term Christadelphian music project called Route 66 Movement. The idea behind it is for Christadelphian musicians from across the country to write and record songs to be published under one banner – Route 66 Movement. Though these songs generally include those of praise some will also be relatable on a more personal level; he likes to think of it as the soundtrack to our journeys through life – and as we go, they write and sing about what they’ve learned and use this as an opportunity to improve themselves in the sight of The Lord!

Their first release was a 5-song acoustic EP titled We Are Followers, on Sunday 5th August! Michael Ash hopes that it will be a great start to the journey and will allow us to praise God and reflect on our lives whilst away from collective praise and worship. The music will be available to order online at and more information about the project and release can be found there as well as on our Facebook page:

He is writing to ask for your support in this endeavour; and hopes that you will be able to share the good news with the members of your ecclesia via Sunday announcements and/or email. The EP is available to listen to online and CDs can be purchased from the website. He hopes to raise more awareness of the project in order to encourage more Christadelphian musicians from around the country and the world (they have recently formed contacts in the Philippines and Cambodia!) to contribute their songs and ideas to the Route 66 Movement project.
They are also delighted to inform you of their partnership with Meal-a-Day! They will donate a significant portion of the cost of this release, all future releases, and every item sold in our online store (and in person) to the charity. When you support them, you support the homeless and disabled across the world.

Physical CDs are available to order from the website for £3, as are digital .mp3 downloads. The music is also available on all streaming platforms, such as iTunes and Spotify, as they are more easily shared. However, I would encourage you to purchase the music directly from our website as it supports an incredible charity.

The project is still in its infancy, and God willing, they hope that there will be many more members joining in and collaborating in the near future – They are looking to assemble teams of songwriters, musicians, social media managers, and others across the country to spread the Word of God far and wide in perfect harmony!

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you would like more information, to get involved with the project, or if you would like to help spread the word about Route 66 Movement! At the moment there is a small group of them involved with the project in varying capacities – songwriting, production, marketing, social media, etc. – and they are hoping to expand over the coming years, God willing, to help spread the good news of the Kingdom and share our faith and values with others.

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