2017 for CMPA and its publications

The Christadelphian Magazine and Publishing Association (‘CMPA’ , or ‘the Office’) for 2017.

The work of the CMPA is most commonly associated with the monthly publication of
The Christadelphian. During its 154-year history it has become an important means whereby teaching and practical guidance can be given, and it remains an instrument of record for important events and notices from ecclesias. Subscriptions remained stable with a small increase in recipients of the electronic version. Editorial policy is
to allow space for general debate on various matters and to provide material of an expositional and practical nature. Regular sections, such as the Signs of the Times, are read widely and the publication of community news is unparalleled for global coverage.

During 2017 a series of historical articles marked the anniversaries of important events, such as General Allenby’s entry into Jerusalem, the Balfour Declaration and the Six-Day War.

Expositional series included the subjects of inspiration and “Peter in Matthew’s Gospel”, and in the Practical Discipleship section we completed “The A-Z of discipleship”.

A general discussion took place on ways to support smaller ecclesias given the reducing number of UK Sunday speakers.

Less well known, but just as significant, is Faith Alive!, a publication aimed at a younger readership.
A new editorial panel produced three issues using writers from around the world to ensure a good range of sound scriptural views is published. Each issue is themed, and during 2017 the topics considered were worship, the challenges of Godly (and ungodly) thinking and the Lord Jesus Christ.
Faith Alive!’s new format is striking, conveying important Bible truths in a modern, accessible benefit of many readers, not just the younger ones.


The CMPA aims to publish at least four new titles a year and during 2017 they
• The Kingdoms of Judah & Israel – Chronological Charts ( Peter Livingstone);
• The Hope of Israel (a series of magazine articles and historical documents compiled by Rob Lawson);
• We Beheld His Glory (an exposition of John’s Gospel record by John Hellawell);
• Samson Revisited (Michael Storey);
• Of Hearts and Minds (character studies by Dennis Gillett).
This wide range of material is designed to cater for the various needs of our readership, the aim being to produce something which will be suitable for most readers.

Early in the year a new booklet was added to our standard booklet series, The Trinity – Bible Teaching or Church Tradition? (by John Morris). There are now thirty-one booklets covering a broad range of first principle topics. These are designed to be more in depth considerations than ‘first contact’ material produced by others, such
as the CALS.

The regular use of printon-demand capabilities mean that titles have remained current which may otherwise have gone out of print. Several titles were reprinted in this way during the year.

Other reprints take more effort, for example the Accompanists’ Hymn Book, which required copyright approval from a number of agencies before printing could commence.

Considering the particular requirements of our community, we were pleased to take a
significant number of wide margin Oxford KJV Bibles from CSSS in Australia, and sold several AV / RV interlinear interleaved Bibles at a discount.

The project to convert all CMPA publications to electronic format is nearing completion.
Occasionally some titles are produced in electronic format only (such as John Thomas: Physician and Preacher by Robert Wilkinson). We continue exploring ways of making our electronic material more accessible.
It is worth noting that on average the Office is sending out between sixty and seventy new books every working day, and sells over £1,000 worth of second-hand books every month. This keeps the Office staff rather busy and the interest around the community in written material is encouraging.

Other Services

The work of the CMPA is not limited to books and magazines. During the year the graphic design service has helped a number of ecclesias and organisations, as has the distribution of material inserted into the magazine.

Support for other organisations is increasing as the CMPA endeavour to work with them in their activities. A close working relationship exists with the Christadelphian Auxiliary Lecturing Society, where CMPA store, distribute and design much of their material. Distribution services are provided to the Christadelphian Isolation League and the Military Service Committee. A complete redesign of the Glad Tidings magazine proved to be a major project with which our design experts were pleased to assist.
From time to time the advice of the Office is sought. This is on a range of topics from scriptural and historical questions to ecclesial operations and issues. Sometimes queries relate to factual information recorded in the magazine or to material published down the years. We do not  pretend to know all the answers, but try to help wherever we can.

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