By the opening of the Season 2018-2019

After a marvellous great Summer we are looking forward with renewed energy for this new season.
Entrance of the Servicestation E40 – Texaco – Heverlee-Leuven where we had our breaking of bread service and biblestudy meetings with our ecclesia.

It was to good to have the opportunity to meet in a very beautiful space, designed by Abscis Architectsin which they anchored from a future-oriented social commitment in the social, economic, historical and cultural context of the environment and created a place where travellers could come at ease. could count on the Cuiz’Inn restaurant where on the menu fresh and authentic dishes from all over the world could be found. That is why their motto was ‘Taste the world’. From Oriental wok dishes to Belgian classics: every recipe was given as much attention and care that made it possible to say that Cuiz’Inn was not just a roadside restaurant. In the open kitchen products were prepared fresh and on the spot. But that is now a thing of the past.

The interior of our ecclesia meeting room we now have to remember as a nice place we could use for such a short time.

We shall have to look for a new meeting room, having our ecclesia meeting space being changed in a Starbuks Coffee saloon and a Burger King snackbar.

Brother Marcus Ampe shall be in the South of France until the 13th of October, after which he shall continue the search for an other meeting room. For a few weeks he shall take less time to think about the ecclesia work, taking some more time to walk in la douce France. After his Summer holiday he shall be once again all ears for those who need some help.

From mid October he will be back to work for one another’s welfare. Then he will encourage others again to be ready for each other, to forgive one another, to bear one another’s burden, to encourage and edify one another, and serve one another. Because that is what we should do at all times.

Whatever may happen, how much we may stay in the darkness concerning a meeting place around Brussels and Leuven, we shall try to look positive and shall keep the good spirit. Since the Facebook profiles timelines do not receive an update of the printed articles any more, we do hope people shall follow us on the Facebook pages: Christadelphia and Christadelphians.

For 2018-2019 we hope to continue with regular publications on this site and on the Brethren site Broeders in Christus, where you shall be able to find more articles in Dutch. From January 2019 you shall be able to find more regularly a devotion or a “Thought for the day” which shall follow our Daily Readings.

Our eyes shall also look at this world and give an eye from Christadelphian perspective on “Our World“. We also hope you shall find that blog of Brother Marcus, who by being very busy with some new bible translations and writing for some other Christian magazines, has somewhat neglected his own personal blog “Marcus Ampe’s space“.

Helping hands for the working of the Christadelphians in Belgium shall be very welcome. For sure we can use many hands and could also use some funds as well, having to face several costs which brings the ecclesia further in the red. Even when all the work is done voluntary, nobody receiving a payment for the preaching or work for the ecclesia, we have many costs, like internet-charges, publication and copyrights, postage fees, etc.. Doing no collections in the church service and not demanding a tenth of income, we depend on free gifts.

With much hope we look forward to find more readers, but also to find some people who would not mind meeting us in real life. We reach out our hand to find more people who would love to meet us. Like every believer in Christ, we need to feel that we are united in fellowship with one another, in the assurance that we are cleansed by the blood of Jesus Christ.

Do you hunger to fellowship with others?

Remember, you cannot claim to walk with God and not walk with His people. Christ Jesus remembered his followers to come together regularly. He wanted that, after his death, they would continue to gather to praise his heavenly Father. But he also wanted them to meet each other at regular times to make sure they would feel united and willing to encourage each other.

Brown deer standing on grass beside river during daytime – wanting to cross the river

It can well be that you too have to learn to fellowship with others and grow your faith in Christ Jesus. It is a task given by Christ Jesus. We should remember that. We also should remember that we should help each other to walk on the right path. We should give each-other a hand so that we can cross the wildest rivers.

Each day of our life we should remember that we are on our way to a better place. But we do have to look for the right station to catch the right train. To do that we need also to go to the right platform, where we shall be able to find people who are also willing to go on the track of life, from the darkness to the light. There we shall also find a special storyteller willing to go with us as a mentor and companion.

As an ecclesia, a bunch of people gathering with the intention to share their faith, we love to reach out our hand and to help people to cross the river and to bring them to save grounds and pathways where we can go forwards to reach the goal set before us by our divine Creator.

Jesus requested his followers not to stop meeting each other. For this we are still looking for places in Belgium to be able to realize this. If you have a room where we could come together you can always contact us. A meeting place to study the Bible and to praise and worship God does not have to be that special. Even in a living room one can come together to pray to God and form a community of believers.

This year too, we will try to make people realize that a small community of faith does not have to be that bad, but rather can be an advantage. Once again we invite others to join us for singing praises to God, praying together, listening to a message from the Word of God.

Every church needs people to shape and colour the community. Every church desperately needs people who make public meetings a top priority. Today is the day to start prioritizing the importance of the activities of your church in your life. Where are you and what do you want? Do you want to be part of true believers who want to fully serve Jehovah God with their hearts?

Everyone will have to realize that he or she also needs a church. We must see that God has made us a part of the church. Nobody can do it alone. We must realize that we are not strong enough on our own. Likewise, we must dare to be humble enough to recognize that we are not wise enough, not mature enough, and sometimes not godly enough. Without the beautiful, usual remedy that you experience in the church, you will not be able to save it. Without the support of your brothers and sisters in Christ, you will not be able to save it.

Then you also need to know that we also need you. The church needs you. It is together that believers in Christ have to make Church to form the body of Christ. If you are a believer, God has made you a part of the Church for the benefit of others. (1 Peter 4:10) says:

“As everyone has received a gift, you must serve each other as good ministers of the multiple mercy of God.”

God gave you to be part of the church that you have to make as your own church. You have to realize that you have received a lot from God, but that those gifts must also be shared with others. Those gifts that you received from God must be used for good use, also for other people. So we as a church give priority as an expression of generosity towards others.

We will also not fail to testify this year for Jehovah and His sentient. Without that God-given cornerstone we are not many, not to say nothing. All the partners in Christ must anchor themselves in the port provided by Jesus.

In our ecclesiae there is no collection plate passed. We know it could help us a lot and for members of the ecclesia it could be an easy way of sharing some of their possessions. Depending on free gifts we are very limited, even when nobody working for the ecclesia receives any money. All work is done freely. We do not have a staff payroll, because every work for God has to be done freely. As in the early church example, we do hope church members would not mind supporting the needs of other church members and shall be willing also to provide the means of having an established community of believers. Facing some great urgency for funds we dare to ask you if you would not like to help us. All sort of help is welcome. If someone can offer us a room to get together, it would be fantastic. If someone can provide us with some money to cover our expenses, that would be very nice.

Most of all we would appreciate it if we could find more people in Belgium interested in meeting with each other. Do you know that when you give a day to God, you can put aside all the worries of life. Together you can discuss many things with each other. By coming together you can share in the happiness of others. Together you can serve as supporters and strengthen each other. There are even many of the pleasures of life that we as brothers and sisters in Christ want and can share with each other. It therefore does not have to be a whole day spend with each other, where you invest time to worship God, serve the community and others. But what is it like to set aside a time for God and for each other?

Ideally we would welcome you at a meeting of like-minded people. That is our biggest wish for the new season.



Financial support is always welcome at Argenta Bank: BE37 9730 6618 2528 with notification: “Operation Belgian Christadelphians” or “Support for Belgian Christadelphians“.



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