Sayings about Christadelphians and Belgian Biblestudents debounced

Absurd thoughts and big mistakes, plus wrong ideas about Christadelphians and Belgian Bible students

or Dismantling of the wrong view concerning Christadelphians and Belgian Bible students

In continuation of An attitude taken to those who attack us and other Unitarians showing how Mr. Dave Norris mistakenly takes us and the Belgian Bible Students for other groups or deliberately verbalizes the truth

Mr. Dave Norris knows we, like the Belgian Biblestudents, do not worship the Trinity, and as such he considers us Unitarians who support all religions. But then he also thinks we would support homosexuality because we do not condemn homosexuals or do not want to wish them to an eternal destruction or what he would love for them hellfire torture, and therefore according to him we are a deceiving church, like those who try to unite Christians, Islam, and Judaism together into one body Chrislam.

He, like Cross Roman, claims we do not have to do any works any more,which would mean nobody has to control himself and as such can steal, fornicate as well murder without having to worry. though believes there is a narrow gate, on the other hand, hard to find and few find it.

Cross roman writes

We are not saved by works. What then are we saved by? FAITH. Faith means believing, and ongoing faith means trusting. In what then do we trust? [the love of God]. The sacrifice of Jesus. What is the result? We are saved because our hearts are cleansed and we have a clear conscience before God, and we do His will from out of this cleansed heart and renewed will for Him. We love, because He first loved us. We become partakers of the divine nature. Without love I am nothing. {What saves us [801a]}

and continues

We are not saved by the actions we perform or do not perform, we are saved because we are now different people, living for a different reason, for a different purpose. {What saves us [801a]}

but does not warn that when we do certain actions we can loose that salvation and as such we do have to control and take action of what we do or do not. Though Cross Roman mentions

It is plain that there is a specific condition to be avoided, that we call “hell”. Give it whatever name you like, it was spoken of by Jesus as what happens to you if you do not get clear of your sins. {Avoiding hell [205d]}

Funny though both do not believe in works of faith, they make a lot of people afraid with hellfire and at the same time keep shouting that all are saved. (What a contradiction.) Mr. Norris also says

Unitarians stand for some very Noble things but Noble things will not get you to heaven. The Rich Young Ruler in the Gospels felt he was a very good person. Unitarians go on feelings quite a bit and feelings have no place where truth Stands. The Rich Young Ruler went away sorrowful because Christ hit him in the area of covetousness. Good things don’t get you into eternity at least the one that leads to heaven. Few find that gate. The many, or the universalists, willingly go in the wide gate that unfortunately leads to destruction.{The Unitarians- 2}

though Mr. Cross Roman writes

Love is the very nature of God, so it is love and its outworking which is required. This means self denial and acceptance of Christ as the way the truth and the life, believing that he has dealt with sin for all time, so you can get free of it. There needs to be that “crossing over from death to life”. {Avoiding hell [205d]}

we can not see much of that loving attitude a real Christian should take by lots of people who write about the Christadelphians, Bible Students and other Non-Trinitarians.

Mr. Norris with his Bible Church, which he considers the only true church, fight against many other denominations but want us to remind how people should have to be baptised in that one Body of Christ. Here again he overlooks the work to be taken and that we request people to do, namely to come to believe in Christ Jesus, the son of God, him being the way to God and our saviour. Further we ask people to come to that belief and than to ask forgiveness of sins and to go over to a baptism (again two works to be done).

Mr. Dave Norris on body of Christ, Christadelphians and Biblestudents

For us there is no such unclear mystery to be revealed, because we follow the Bible and see his mystery clearly, whilst we recognise the Mystery of God and His Works as well as the Mystery of the Gospel. We even call people to follow the True Gospel, the infallible Word of God and not to follow a false gospel presented by many churches which follow human doctrines instead of Biblical doctrines.

Mr. Norris is convinced the Bible Students have no brains at all and therefore are unable to understand the language of the bible.

The incompetence of the Christadelphian for Mr. Dave Norris is because there is no function of the Holy spirit in their brains.

An other example of his way of writing

Christadelphians have their Superior brain
on today so they can discern the truth of the Holy Spirits existence
today. If not, they remain an IM- intellectual moron.
{A “Spirited” Conversation with Christadelphians- 4}

This disagreeable and repulsive attitude is an ordinary attitude for Mr. Norris which has a very adequate vocabulary of abuse words. On Wednesday August 22, 2018 he has managed to create 87 articles full of abusive language and lots of lies about the Christadelphian community and about the Bible Students.

At movements he even wants to convince his readers that Charles Taze Russell would be our founder and that the Christadelphians and Belgian Biblestudents would be following his teachings and also believe the prediction about an end of the world in so called prophetic dates.

Norris on Belgian Biblestudents + Christadelphian universe – Watchtower- Russell
Mr. Norris even after many wrote to him to tell Russell was neither the founder of the Jehovah’s Witness, nor the Belgian Biblestudents, nor the Christadelphians kept telling so or giving the impression Russell was the founder and main teacher they are following

Continually he keeps coming up with Ch.T. Russell being the founder of the Bible Student Movement whilst the Belgian Bible Students are a group inline of a 16th century movement in France which became the Belgian bible Students in 1830 long before Russell was born.

Mr. Norris after several responses of us and other bible Students still could not see the difference between the many bible student groups, and kept believing Mr. Russsell to be the founder of the Jehovah’s Witnesses (which he is not). He also all the time presents the Watchtower magazine of the (American) Russell Bible students and The Watchtower of the Jehovah’s Witnesses organisation or Watchtower society as the magazine of the Belgian Biblestudents, who printed their own magazines in Flemish/Dutch “Zion’s Wachttoren”  and in Walloon/French “Le Herault”

Though at an other article he seems to recognise Mr. John Thomas to be the founder of the Christadelphians (which he seems to have forgotten soon in other articles)

At moments Mr. Norris seem to have a clear head and able to recognise John Thomas as the founder of the Christadelphians

Worse of all his writings is that he does that we and the Bible Students in Belgium told people that the end of the world would come … in 1874, 1914, 1925, 1975

Norris false accusation of so called Bible Students – prophesies and so called founder Russell
According to Mr. Norris prophesies the Belgian Biblestudents and Christadelphians would follow, but which he got from the Jehovah’s Witness organisation which he keeps confusing with our organisations.
A Watchtower magazine Mr. Norris uses to show his readers how the Belgian bible students and the Christadelphians would keep to those predictions of the Jehovah’s Witnesses.

People should know that the Belgian Biblestudents in the previous century spend lots of articles explaining it is no man given to determine when the end of times would come. they like us also wanted their readers to know there shall be no such thing as and end of the world, because they and we believe that the Kingdom of God shall take place here on earth as in heaven.

He even got the lunatic idea that we would support Pope Francis

We could go on for hours showing how Mr. Dave Norris tries to bring us (Christadelphians) and the Belgian Bible Students as well as the Belgian Christadelphian Biblestudents in discredit. It is because of all that nonsense and unjust historical (?) and (….?) view from him that we ought it necessary to give some clarity.

We felt it necessary to defend ourselves and to correct some false allegations from Mr Norris. Provided he does not want to give a right of reply to his site and continues to proclaim falsities undisturbed, we felt it was necessary to bring a rectification here and to bring forward an idea of truth and falsity.

We do hope we could bring some clarity and place our opinion next to his ideas, which hopefully you can see can be debunked easily. After some series on the history of the European Bible Students, the Belgian Bible Students, John Thomas, the Thomasites, the Christadelphians, the Belgian Christadelphian Bible Students,, Charles Taze Russell, Judge Rutherford, and the Jehovah’s Witnesses the newly formed website Unmasking the anti-Jehovah people shall look closer at the false writings of several people who write many lies about those Non-Trinitarian groups. If you would like to follow their examination you are welcome to subscribe to Unmasking the anti-Jehovah people by clicking at the site to show your connection or togetherness.

Unmasking anti Jehovah people and sites 2018 August 21 Book to trust -consistency



An attitude taken to those who attack us and other Unitarians


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