The Guiding Light

Excerpt from The Guiding Light by Islip Collyer

“In this world of our mortal experiences there is a strange mixture of good and evil. In many ways it seems a blighted and faulty world; yet as we increase our experience and knowledge, we become conscious of a wonderful, growing persuasion that in one respect the world is a perfect place. This strange, extended garden of good and evil, with its devoted lovers and its snakes, its fruits sweet and bitter, its thorns and thistles, and its scorching barrier across the way to that which we desire most, is a perfect training ground for human character. We cannot suggest any alterations that would not in some way spoil it for this purpose.

We find a good deal of joy in this blighted garden, although our experience is so different from that which we think we desire. We become reconciled to the reign of law, and if either in presumption or ignorance we break any of Nature’s laws, we realise the folly of complaining when we are punished. Most of us make some little attempt to learn the ruling principles of subjects in which we are interested, and we do not expect the laws to be changed or the flight of time to be stayed for our benefit if we are neglectful. Why should we expect God to be less logical in the greater world for which life in this blighted field makes selective preparation? Why not recognise that in the Spiritual world no less than in the natural, the lamps will go out unless replenished with oil? Why not make an effort to grasp and apply the most important principles of life now, remembering that there will come a time when in the most literal and awful sense it will be too late?”


Self-development, self-control, meditation, beliefs and spirituality

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