A marvellous Summer ending

We do hope you enjoyed a lovely holiday or that you still may come to enjoy a great period of rest and tranquillity without worries.

Who would not love the Summertime, having more time for oneself, not having to go to work, not having to face the daily traffic jams, etc. Having more time to be connected with the beauties our divine Creator provided for us.

This year we did have a Summer like a Summer has to be, though it might have been a little bit to dry, but in any case we looked at lovely temperatures and dry periods which made many of us had less pain.

The summer months in the northern hemisphere have produced some remarkable weather. The UK has experienced a prolonged heatwave, including its hottest June day ever and (perhaps surprisingly for the rather damp UK) water companies have been imposing restrictions on usage. The heatwave in the UK however is nothing compared to the extremely high temperatures experienced in Southern Portugal and Spain, where the continental record of 48 degrees centigrade (set in Athens in 1977) was almost broken.

After a Spring which was very abnormally warm in the centre of the country (Uccle weather station), and normal for the rainfall total, the precipitation frequency and the duration of sunshine, the Belgians could be happy to see more sunshine in 2018.

OostendeIn Belgium the warm temperatures, a few times going over the 30°С (86°F), could be appreciated and gave the tourism industry on the Belgian coast a boost. At the coast and in the Kempen (Campine) they definitely welcomed such a climate having many more day tourists. By the end of July the Tourism Provincial office of Westtoer pointed the last figures to reach 3.5 million tourists having been to the Belgian coast last month. The hotels have been up to 90-95% of their full capacity. But other hosting infrastructures, such as camping or motels have also benefited from the high summer temperatures.


juli 2018 July

Normalen 1981-2010* Normaly

Gemiddelde Temperaturen – average temperature
average maximum temperature
average minimum temperature
minimum of the month
maximum of the month









days > 20°
heat days

30 d.

26 d.

4 d.

22.6 d.

9.7 d.

1.8 d.

Precipitation: quantities
precipitation days
storm days (in the country)


49.7 mm
5 d.

16 d.


73.5 mm
14.3 d.

13.2 d.


Relative humidity
average vapor pressure

54 %
13.6 hpa

74.0 %
15.5 hpa

Air pressure

1016.0 hPa

1016.3 hPa


2.9 m/s

2.9 m/s

Sunshine duration

298.2 u.

200.7 u.

In the north they always can be happy to have lots of sunshine in the Summer, but this year it was exceptionally dry and warm. For the Danes several records have been broken. According to the Danish Meteorological Institute, May 2018 had the highest average temperature ever recorded for the month, beating the old record by 1.2 °C (2.2 °F) (recording began in 1879), the highest number of sunny hours recorded in the month (recording began in 1920), the highest temperature recorded in Copenhagen in the month (recording began in 1879), and it was the driest May in a decade.
In the South of Europe the yearly wildfires brought lots of misery to many families. According to the European Drought Observatory most of the areas affected by drought are across northern and central Europe. {“The record breaking heatwave that is gripping northern Europe”. Euronews. 19 July 2018.}

For many Australian families there was not much to go up in fire, because all the grass was gone. The west and the north of Austria have been hit so hard by the drought because certain areas in these regions have experienced up to 85% less rainfall than the 10 year average. Insurance companies estimate the damage as high as 210 million euro.

Elsewhere, Japan’s unusually high temperatures have resulted in over 100 heat-related deaths, wildfires rage ceaselessly in drought-ridden areas such as Greece and California, and the entire state of New South Wales is officially in drought.

We can not ignore the global warming.It is really getting time people become more aware of their impact on climate by their continual defiling of mother nature.

Whether or not these weather patterns are to be viewed as a sign connected with latter-day events is difficult to say, but there is no doubt they are yet another problem facing mankind which he finds extremely difficult to address.

In any case every Christian should try to respect nature and to have a small ecological footprint. Each of us should take his own responsibility.

This year we also shall spend some time to look at the enormous waste of plastic and in our Mons ecclesia we decided for certain coffee machines to use machine washable refills instead of the throwaway capsules. In Leefdaal we use already for years the recycled-paper filters. For the meeting place in Leuven we have a bigger problem, because our host of our most used meeting place, having stopped giving the service, the place now being changed to Burger King and Starbucks, which mean we have to look for a new meeting place.

Soon the new academic and church-year starts again. Because of loosing our meeting place in Leuven at the service station Heverlee-Leuven, it can take some time before we shall know where we are going to have our Sunday afternoon service in that region. For the Sunday morning service we are pleased we still can count on brother Steve his place and afterwards some nice restaurants to have our lunch together.

For a Saturday morning service we have our hopes at our office, brother Marcus providing his living-room in Leefdaal.

For the meetings at the service station in Nivelles we do not see any problem and do hope we shall be able to count on that place for some long time.



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  1. With the Jeshuaists we were also considering the use of a new synagogue in Mechelen, but because of the recent amount of attacks against Jews and non-trinitarians we think the Dutch rabbi preferred to stay in the Netherlands and not to invest in a place as Belgium.


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