Signs of the times – “A new deal with Russia?”

During his election campaign Donald Trump made a number of well publicised policy soundbites, including a desire for the US to have a better relationship with Russia. Moscow certainly welcomed his election victory and President Putin was one of the world’s first leaders to congratulate Mr Trump on his victory.

However, relations between Washington and Moscow continued to be strained. Then last month a sudden announcement was made that there will be a summit in Helsinki between the two leaders on July 16. President Trump has been quoted as saying that

“getting along with Russia and with China and with everybody is a very good thing”(June 27).

This follows his declaration at the G7 meeting in Quebec that Russia should be readmitted to the group, having been expelled after the annexation of Crimea in 2014.

….. will there be a rapprochement between the two powers, albeit only on a temporary basis?

As we look at current events – especially in the Middle East – it is not difficult to see the scenario of Ezekiel 38 coming to pass as Russia, a major power to the north of Israel, becomes ever more confident and aggressive on the international stage. There is much for us to watch and ponder.

With thanks to Brother Roger Long

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