July’s issue of The Christadelphian

The latest issue of the magazine arrived from the printer on Wednesday June 27 and was dispatched the same day.

This month we continue with our regular series, including “Unity in Ephesus”, “It’s about time” and “Jeremiah and the kings” (now concluded). There is also the second article in a two-part study on the important theme of “The supremacy of the Lord’s sacrifice”.

We have a practical article dealing with fear and another that reviews the pros and cons of using an electronic Bible. Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) are again considered, this time in the light of advice received by the CALS.

“Signs of the times” looks at the possible significance of Prince William’s recent visit to the Middle East, including Israel, and “Israel and their Land” comments on some of the current trials suffered by that nation: “Protests, rockets, incendiary kites and a sea tunnel”. The Editorial highlights the benefits of positive thinking and suggests various steps that we can take to improve our positivity.

In addition, this month’s magazine contains the “CMPA Annual Report 2017” which reviews our recent activities, sets out some plans for the future (if the Lord remains away) and comments on our ongoing efforts to improve efficiency and reduce losses. Despite our best efforts our business activities remain in deficit, and we are very grateful to those individuals and ecclesias who make donations.

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