The untiring response of some Christadelphians

Between 1995 and 2007 Mr. Marcus Ampe (M.A.)and the “Man from the North” Mr. D.H. (D.H.) were very active on the internet and MSN Groups, defending the “Faith in One God”. At a certain time there were serious problems in the Jehovah’s Witnesses (JW) organisation because of child abuse and several Witnesses having problems with the shunning of their family members by their fellow members and the organisation. M.A. and D.H tried to show those JW that there were many other religious groups were they could go too without having to abandon their believe in Only One God, the Elohim Hashem Jehovah God. In later years D.H even created a special site to attract ex-JW and ex-christadelphians.

M.A. came up for non-trinitarian groups and got a lot of debates running in several MSN-Groups. D.H. having a whole bunch of supporting people behind him and a full organisation (C.L) created a special site to pull JW to the community of his group of Christadelphians. M.A. with two ex-JW’s (Y. and F.) and a protestant minister (T. who later left faith in God totally) created a group and some home churches, where several free thinking minds could share the faith in God and try to build up a life in Christ. With this group of “Vrije Christenen” (Free Christians) lots of translation and preaching work was done and was there created a free haven for ex-JW-people and for those people who left trinitarian main churches. M.A. with M.R. worked on the Dutch translation of Mr.D.H. his book “Bible Basics”.

Mr. D.H. his C.L. site for ex-Jehovah’s Witnesses

D.H. also created a site for ex-JW.
Mr. D.H. in the 1990ies was a lot under attack by several Christadelphians for different reasons. Mr. M.A. with some other people, who looked up at the incredible preaching work Mr. D.H. was doing, for a long time defended him. But bit by bit several people came to see how the CBM was right on several aspects of the accusations against Mr. D.H. and by his paranoid actions and him showing to be a control freak, made many turn away from him.

Mr. M.A. had much respect for D.H. until the conflict with the Christadelphian Bible Mission (CBM) escalated, even to become an insurmountable stumbling block for D.H. when the Belgian Central Christadelphians and the Belgian Christadelphian Bible Students tried to connect the different Christadelphian (Cd) groups in Belgium (Central, Old Path, Amended Cd, Un-amended Cd, Logos Cd, Xanga Cd and C.L. Cd) in 2014.

Before that there had already become a certain split between D.H and M.A. when M.A. did not want to give full control to “the Man from the North”, Mr.D.H., of the website he had founded Bijbelonderzoekers (Bible researchers) and as such that website got dissolved and a new Bijbelonderzoekers site on Multiply came into existence.

On that site an attempt was made to demonstrate to others that people who did not want to believe in the Trinity were following Biblical doctrine instead of human doctrine. At the site attention was given to several groups who preferred to worship that One True God and not the Trinity. Though several ex-Jw and the quickly growing organisation Free-minds opposed those non-trinitarian groups like the ones of Mr. A.M., D.H., Christadelphians and JW’s.

After many MSN-Groups became Multiply-groups and others found their say in Xanga-groups time made that lots of people lost interest and by the years it became more quiet around anti-trinitarian groups.

Last year, to our regret from what we could call “our own ranks”, some people said some false things about the Christadelphians in Belgium. Source of it seemed to have been Mr. D.H. and some of his followers. But others found also some new spirit to go against Christadelphians in general. For already more than a year certain people became very active again in attacking the Belgian Christadelphian community, writing lots of articles on the net, but also sending us lots of e-mail lettres.

Dave Norris on his site Exposing Christian Error – presents in several articles a lot of nonsense about the Christadelphians

The e-mail boxes of our community and that of the Belgian Bible Students got bombarded with hundreds of messages, with an “Open letter to Christadelphians” and many articles telling all sorts of nonsense and lies about Christadelphians in general. Those messages, of which many are also provided on the net show clearly that writers of them, in particular a Mr. Dave Norris of Exposing Christian Error, do not have enough knowledge about Christadelphians and even can not see the difference between the Christadelphian Biblestudents, the International Bible Students and the Free or Liberal Christadelphians, as well have not enough knowledge about the historical background of those groups and the Jehovah’s Witnesses Watchtower Bible and Tract Society organisation.
The other strong opponents of the Cd are the Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry or CARM,  the Christian Expositor
and FreeMinds as well as many individual writers like ““”with his Christian Theology, writing for example on “Unitarism [745]” clearly not seeing the difference between the many Christian groups and making totally wrong connections as well not understanding that we do believe in the Power of God, the Holy Spirit. Crossman also claiming that we would have

explicitly created a blog to publish links to all sites that are critical of Jehovahs witnesses, and I guess also any who oppose themselves or any other form of Unitarianism, which is rather extraordinary but reveals the mentality involved. {Unitarism [745]}

which we did not. The person behind Cross Roman also accuses us of being

fairly unaware of the views of other Christadelphians, and even of their founding originators, Thomas and Roberts. {Unitarism [745]}

First of all that person Crossroman confuses us with the Bible Students and  also seems to have no idea how and why Dr. Thomas created the Christadelphians and that he never claimed to be a prophet or wanted him to be followed, and as such we do not, but to follow the prophet Christ Jesus, which we do and as such are followers of Jesus Christ and not of any other human.

Mr. Crossman (if we may call him so) also claims unrighteously that we would

have ties with JW’s via some of their members years ago being involved with “Judge Rutherford”, of  the JW’s.

which is ridiculous except when you would call the involvement of Mr. Ampe with the Free Christians and his openness to ex-JW, the connection with Jehovah Witnesses, but it is certainly not with Judge Rutherford, him already being death when Mr. Ampe became an active Christian. Again it shows Mr. Crossroman does not see the difference between our movement (the free Christadelphians) and the Bible Students, (being it the American Bible Students, the Australian Bible Students, the International Bible Students, the Christadelphian Bible Students, the Russellites and the Jehovah’s Witnesses, just to name the few he does not see the differences between or does not seem to know) nor between other Christadelphian groups.

Crossroman posting on the subject of Unitarianism and confusing the “Belgian Christadelphians” with the Belgian Christadelphian Bible Students and wrongly connecting us to Jehovah’s witnesses, calling us both a cult or sect.


The Christian Expositor a non-denominational, orthodox evangelical Christian group with several goals:like to warn Christians of the Great Apostasy and to educate Christians about the dangers and heretical doctrines of religious cults and false religions of the world


In any case there being a lot of writings done to bring a lot of untruths on the net about the Christadelphians, the Belgian Bible Students started a website to show people why we need to follow the Biblical Truth and in which way the many different Christadelphian groups do that. Because they saw that many of those writing against the Christadelphians do not know much about the founder and the different groups, they also shall try to present an overview of the many groups worldwide.

They shall not only concentrate on the lies about the Christadelphians, but shall show how those sites are much more against Jehovah and His people. This is one of the reasons why the debunking site “Unmasking anti-Jehovah people” was created, to show the real intentions and how many of those adversaries tell a lot of untruth.

Beginning of the debunking site “Unmasking the anti-Jehovah people“. (2018 June)



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