West Europe in 2017


There were three pastoral visits to our brothers and sister in Denmark during 2017, including the first Denmark Bible camp, which was attended by 11 brothers and sisters and 5 young people from Denmark, the UK and Norway. The small community there is made up of 4 members (3 brothers and a sister), plus around a dozen young people and contacts, all based in Jutland.

We are thankful for the willing team that has supported the visits during the year and pray for the Lord’s continued blessing on the community and all of the activities in Denmark.


The 2 French language websites continue to reach out across the francophone world, though most activity remains focused on French-speaking Africa. The 2 English-speaking ecclesias (Mayenne and Brittany) continue to operate independently of direct CBM input.

There was one pastoral visit made during the year to an elderly French sister who lives in Bordeaux. Over 400 copies of the
French magazine – ‘Le Héraut du Royaume’ – go to addresses in 37 countries 4 times a year.


The CBM flat in Dublin plays a key role in providing a base for the small Dublin ecclesia and for literature distribution. Those who stay in the flat also visit members in isolation. From the start of 2018 responsibility for all work in Ireland will be shared between CIL and CALS and we are grateful to them for their willingness to look after the work.


There is currently no work going on in Italy.


There are four brothers and one sister on Malta and one brother on the sister island of Gozo. He is partially deaf and blind and is only seen during CBM visits. The group relies on CBM support, and the aim is to visit at least monthly. This year no visit took place during July and August due to last minute cancelations. CBM has now relinquished the flat due to a very large rent increase and the decline in its use. The ecclesia now meets in an upper room at 1 Triq Hal Bisbut, Żejtun ZTN 2570, (above a shop called “Shanti”). The weekly meeting takes place on a Saturday afternoon between 2pm – 5pm and includes Bible Study and breaking of bread.
Our numbers increased shortly for the last three months of the year, when Sister Printina Nwobekem joined us from Cameroon. She began her studies in Malta but has now moved onto Germany when her visa expired. We were glad of her company whilst in Malta.


There are currently 3 members in Norway. Regular visits have continued through the year: 3 short trips to the Oslo area and one long trip to include a sister on the west coast. One sister was able to attend the Brecon Bible School in August.

Cards advertising the Norwegian website were distributed during the long visit in May.


Two visits to the Algarve were made, one of two people and one of four. The visits were mainly pastoral, to strengthen the two brethren and one sister, but leaflets were also distributed advertising the free book “The Message” (in Portuguese). Response to the leafleting was disappointing, but the pastoral effort was worthwhile.


There were a number of visits, but operations have currently been suspended, pending the appointment of a new linkman.


There are now 4 members in Sweden. One young brother from El Salvador was baptised at the UK Spanish Day in July. A brother and sister from Afghanistan and their children were settled in Sweden by the UNHCR in early summer. It is also anticipated that a family from Pakistan will soon be moved to Sweden by the UNHCR. There is also a brother from Malaysia living and working in Stockholm.

Peter Hale

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