Project Aid 2017

Project Aid is specifically structured to channel our charitable giving direct to causes and requests received from individual brethren and sisters and ecclesias in the mission field.

Proposals are assessed by the area Linkman, and if considered appropriate, beneficial and viable they are submitted for consideration onto the www. Project Aid Listing. The website provides an easy process of up-to-the-minute viewing and selection.

To access – select ‘Project Aid’ ‘on the ‘grey’ ribbon, and after browsing the list – click on the project of your choice – complete the boxes in the ‘pink’ area – and tick the ‘grey’ box ‘submit my funding’. The project is now ‘reserved’ in your name (or anonymously) awaiting your funds which when available can be directed towards easing the needs of our members and
ecclesia’s overseas.

Giving to specific projects can involve individuals or ecclesias in various aspects of mission work:

  • Projects to supply ecclesial needs
  • Hymn Books; Bible reference books;
  • Funding to translate Christadelphian works;
  • Computer & printing equipment;
  • General ecclesial maintenance;
  • Latrines and sanitary ware; Benches, chairs, tables;
  • Horse & cart / Bicycle transport.
  • Assistance with personal needs for those in difficult circumstances
  • Provision of spectacles;
  • Adult literacy courses;
  • Help to attend a Bible school etc.
  • Self-help schemes to promote employment prospects
  • Crops (coos, groundnut, rice, maize);
  • Animals (sheep & goats, rabbits, chickens)
  • Start-up costs for trading (dried fish & vegetables; Second hand clothing);
  • Sewing machines

Michael Green

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