Signs of the times – “Protests, rockets and incendiary kites”

On March 30 this year a campaign of protests was launched by Palestinians at the Israeli-Gaza border, originally planned to last for six weeks, but which has since been extended. This campaign has been the most deadly confrontation between Israel and Hamas-dominated Gaza since the war in 2014. A cease-fire was recently declared but trouble has persisted, with ongoing riots, rockets fired into Israel and also arson attacks.

An ICEJ report in early June noted:

Anemone coronaria blossom at Shokeda forest.
Anemone coronaria blossom at Shokeda forest

“Firefighters continued to battle fires set by incendiary kites sent into Israel from Gaza over the weekend. A massive blaze had destroyed several hundred acres of the Shokeda Forest by Monday morning. Another blaze in the Or HaNer Kibbutz also caused great destruction. Authorities estimate that around 3,000 acres of wheat fields have been burned by the arson attacks since early April, causing millions of shekels in damage. Tourist sites such as the Be’eri Crater Reserve have also suffered tremendous damage, putting additional pressure on the region’s fragile economy” (June 4).

Mural in Kibbutz Or-Haner - Germination.jpg
Or HaNer kibbutz in southern Israel. Located near Sderot, falling under the jurisdiction of Sha’ar HaNegev Regional Council.

We are continually reminded as we hear about these sad events that the intractable issues and violence of this region can only be solved by the return of Christ.

With thanks to Brother Roger Long

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