June’s issue of The Christadelphian

Find the Christadelphian Magazine

is pleased to launch the new Christadelphian Office website.

The Christadelphian magazine reflects the teachings, beliefs and activities of the Christadelphians – groups of believers living in many countries throughout the world.

Feedback regarding their new website is welcomed and they are happy to answer any questions you might have. Send comments through the ‘contact us’ tab,

The Christadelphian is a monthly magazine published for the Christadelphian community worldwide. Its forerunner The Ambassador of the Coming Age was started in Birmingham, UK in July 1864 by Robert Roberts…

The latest issue of The Christadelphian was dispatched on May 24 and all subscribers should have received their copy.

This month we continue our series on Jeremiah and the kings, Unity in Ephesus and It’s about time, the exposition of latter-day prophecies. We also print the first half of an article on The Supremacy of the Lord’s Sacrifice. Brother Peter Banyard has written regarding the benefits of the audio version of the magazine, a version which is not widely used at the moment. There are also some more letters (and an Editorial) on the wind of change. In the “Signs” section we explore some of the dramatic developments with the US and Iran, along with the contentious move of the American embassy to Jerusalem.

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