Influx of Farsi speaking Iranians

Liverpool city and the South of the Low countries have recently had an influx of Farsi speaking Iranians, mostly refugees in Britain and Holland.

Montage of images of Liverpool. Pier Head and the Mersey Ferry, St George’s Hall and the Walker Art Gallery, Catholic Cathedral, Anglican Cathedral, Canning Street and Princes Dock

In Liverpool and in Brussels, Eindhoven and Gilze, they have a need to produce literature in and maintain an internet presence in the Farsi language. This means that in Liverpool they need one or, preferably two, laptop computers capable of supporting Microsoft office. Such machines would allow our Iranian brethren to type Farsi documents, which would then be available throughout the community to support the proclamation of the Gospel in Farsi.

If anyone has an old laptop which they are no longer using and which can support Microsoft Office and would like to allow it to be used to proclaim the Truth in Farsi, please can they contact Bro. John Thorpe (

All that is needed is a simple machine which can support Microsoft Office.

Brother Vahid in Liverpool has also been taking a longstanding interest in the welfare of Fariba and Shahin in the in Gilze camp, and they are part of Liverpools Farsi WhatsApp group. So the Farsi speaking  like Bro Hazhir and sis Chenoor in Eindhoven, Sis Fariba and Bro Shahin in Gilze camp are not entirely without spiritual support.

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