Heritage College new custom-built Music and Art Block

God is the Master Creator. He has placed within humanity a portion of His ability to create and to appreciate the process and product of that creativity.

God created us as artistic beings who relate to a wide and diverse range of artistic experiences and expressions. The Arts is a variety of media that impacts constantly on children’s lives in positive ways.

At Heritage College Lake Macquarie they have recently completed a new custom-built Music and Art Block with the latest technology built into every classroom. This space is designed for creative student experiences. This latest edition to the school includes 4 Music Tuition Rooms, a Recording Studio, Visual Arts Classrooms and various creative work spaces. You are kindly invited to watch the video below to see the facilities they now have available for their students.



Each student is capable of personal vision, insight and creativity. The Arts enables students to become sensitive to their emotions as they use and analyse moods, feelings, ideas and imagination to expressively restructure their world.

They’d love to show you around if you are able to visit and invite you to learn more about what Heritage College has to offer your child in their school journey.

If you would like to receive information about Heritage College Lake Macquarie please visit their website at www.lakemac.heritage.edu.au or contact the HCLM Office on (02) 4977 3456 or office@heritage.edu.au.

At HCLM they value all our students and work collaboratively with every family as they strive together to bring up our children to be young people of integrity and character.

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