Beast of the Sea, Beast of the Earth

In the series on ‘The Book of Revelation’ by Judith and Philip White a further volume (A5 80 pages incl DVD £5) has been added.
“Beast of the Sea, Beast of the Earth.”

The book is an interpretation of Revelation chap.13 and the vision of Daniel in chap. 7. It is in harmony with the approach of Bro John Thomas.
Both chapters demonstrate how the Lord views men and Nations as no more than wild animals. 1000 years of European history is clearly predicted and identified. The impact of the growth of the Papacy and its true identity are developed from internal evidence and that of the history of the times. Beyond this present consideration, further transformation in the beast theme is seen in Revelation chap.17:3 as being a woman upon, “a scarlet coloured beast,” ready to oppose the Lord Jesus Christ. This consideration remains for a future occasion.

Understanding the Book of Revelation
A5 booklet of 166 pages – divided into 7 topics, is accompanied by two DVD discs mounted into the covers and linked to the book by numbered slides

Details and Orders from or 54 Sandon Road Stafford ST16 3HF

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