Agape in action – Spiritual care

Spiritual care and development programs are built into all of Agape in Action’s projects. This is what sets the Christadelphian organisation apart from other organizations providing physical care. Whether it is doing a daily reading with an elderly widow, or going to a Bible study, the support provided is regular and consistent. They use their homes to run Bible Schools and sponsor young people to attend youth conferences. Young people are now running their own daily evening meditations over the Bible readings. Sponsored children are supported in local Sunday schools.

Thousands of letters of encouragement are delivered to sponsored children each year and hundreds of hours of fellowship are shared by our field workers.
Our schools, our wells and our nutrition programs are shared with the wider community as we show our love for God through words and actions.
All of our programs, in some way or another, are designed for spiritual development or preaching.
The two are inextricably interwoven together. Some things just can’t be taught, they must be seen and felt. Modelling the way life for a follower of Jesus is the most effective way of “making disciples of all nations”.

Here are some of the key ways AinA provided for spiritual needs:

The LIFE (Leadership in Faith-based Endeavours)

Young peoples camps

Bible instruction in our schools and children’s homes

Spiritual encouragement to orphans and widows

Distribution of Bibles and first principle materials

Supporting local preaching activities

Emphasising Godly practices though our adult training programs

Connecting children with Sunday Schools

Please pray that our Father will continue to work through our combined efforts to share the great and precious promises (Matt 28:19).

70 Elderly brothers and sisters cared for 50 Ecclesiae participating programs + 100 Bibles distributed + over 1000 Bible Studies and Meditations conducted through programs in 2017 + 36 Baptisms of young people and adults in Agape programs.



Agape in Action and Child Sponsorship program in 2017

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