Agape in Action and Child Sponsorship program in 2017

Agape in Action has cared for orphans and widows in their distress and encouraged brothers and sisters through their spiritual struggles.

In 2017, Agape in action focused on strengthening the administrative core of Agape in Action. Good progress was made on streamlining their operations and developing new systems that are even more efficient and effective. It is amazing that Agape in Action remains a volunteer run organisation given the size and complexity of its projects and programs. Quite literally, thousands of hours are donated by our volunteers each year. Late in the evenings after kids are in bed or on weekends when others are relaxing, our volunteers are writing emails, scrutinising spreadsheets, balancing budgets, preparing updates, posting letters, managing projects, and many other essential tasks. Their labour of love is wonderful.

Agape in Action couldn’t do it without those volunteers.

It is very encouraging to see new donors signing up and existing donors increasing their support. It’s not the money donated that matters most, it’s the practice of caring. It’s the decision to push against our selfish natures and inward looking cultures and move towards those who are forgotten and overlooked. It’s the decision to show our love in a very practical way. It’s a beautiful thing. It is something God loves and a living testament to the fact that we are His children.

We are so blessed to be in a position to give. Blessed to have generous hearts that care. So much has happened over the past year, and there is much to do. Thanks to all who partnered with Agape in Action.


In 2017, the Child Sponsorship program expanded into Vanuatu and continued to grow in Kenya and India. Child sponsorship remains one of the most popular ways of providing support through Agape in Action. It is a long term commitment that provides all the essentials to help a generation of kids rise from poverty. The primary focus of the child sponsorship program is providing health and education to children in extreme poverty; and it costs just over one dollar a day to achieve.
Health is supported through medical care, dental care, nutrition and health promotion. Education is a long term investment that starts with nursery school, progresses to primary, then to secondary school and on to college or trade schools. It also includes consistent Bible-based instruction, year after year.

Spiritual support is provided by the family, the local ecclesia, through the correspondence of sponsors and during team visits. It is a hope and desire that all sponsored children are well grounded in the gospel and live productive lives of service. All the children supported are in Christadelphian Sunday Schools.

Agape in Action’s child sponsorship program is a very personal way to provide spiritual and physical help. Many parents have used this program as a practical way to help their own children appreciate the simple things in life and understand the daily struggles faced by so many. There is something very special about connecting one on one with a child who has so little in life, and watching them develop and grow over the years.

Agape in Action’s child sponsorship program is absolutely unique in the following three ways:

1. It focuses on our own family in Christ.

2. It sows seeds of hope as the gospel is shared over many years

3. It sends 100% of your sponsorship to the field! Every single cent. Even the cost of your sending your letters is covered by their CORE partners.


India Faith Home

Elvira Home & Edith Home Of Hope

Faith home is one of Agape in Action’s longest running projects. There are 25 children who are cared for by Bro Andrew and Sis Shuba. In 2017, Agape in Action purchased some additional land adjacent to the home to provide more space for the children to play, do their homework and daily chores. All the children attend the local Christadelphian primary school and are active participants in the Kadiam Sunday School. Under Andrew and Shuba’s guidance, these children are instructed daily in the Scriptures and are actively involved in practical outreach actives to help others in need in their community.

“2017 saw the commencement of support for a new children’s home in India, Elvira Home.”

Location of Andhra Pradesh in India
Location of Andhra Pradesh in India – Coordinates: 16.50°N 80.64°E

2017 saw the commencement of support for a new children’s home in India. This home, Elvira, which means ‘Truth’, was started by Bro. Anand & Sis. Padma. It is located in the mountains in Andra Pradesh, India. The area is very poor and underdeveloped. There are more than 25 children at the home who have been taken in and provided with basics such as food, schooling and a hope for the future.

There are currently 7 children and 23 elderly people receiving care at the Edith Home of Hope. In 2017, Agape in Action provided a cow shed, a new wash area, a generator and a submersible pump for water.

The Indian government is making it extremely hard for Christian organisations to operate; the organisation have had to undergo several registration steps and have regular inspections by government officials. So far, all has gone well.

We pray for God’s continued blessings on all the Christadelphian projects in India.

Children from the Agape in action Elvira home, which means ‘Truth’ – located in the mountains in Andra Pradesh, India.

 Agape in action what they do

What the Christadelphian organisation Agape in action does

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