2018 April – Latest from Cameroon

10 regions of Cameroon

The situation in Cameroon is still very serious. Below is the latest information provided by our brothers and
sisters (mainly our Brother Dennis Fontch) to CBM. CBM is providing welfare when and where it can. We are
not making a specific appeal for donations as CBM currently has sufficient welfare funds to cover any need.
What we are appealing for is your continued prayers for the desperate situation faced by our brothers and
sisters and the soon return of our Lord Jesus Christ when “they shall beat their swords into plowshares.”


The situation in Nake is getting worse. There are daily gunshots and our ecclesial hall is now a military base. The army uses it to launch attacks on the villagers. Their weapons are stationed in our compound. Many houses have been destroyed including Sister Rose’s. Bro Sixtus used to own a shop at Kwakwa that contained mattresses, television sets and other valuables. It has been burnt down and most of things were stolen. The villagers are now taking refuge in a nearby village about 25 km from Nake. Sister Rose is with them and is very sick for now.


We had a desperate call from brother George in which he was saying that the army is coming into Munyenge in large numbers and that they were shooting at random. He was taking shelter in the bush and no clue on the whereabouts of the others. The situation has remained the same for two weeks now. We have difficulties getting Bro George on the phone.
The following are reports from towns and villages where we have ecclesias, but no reports on the well-being of our brothers and sisters:


There was an attack in Bangem in which several people were killed. The forest on the road to Mbang is very dangerous for there are reports of separatists hiding in it.


There are reports of shootings in Fontem. Last weekend some government officials were kidnapped on the road to Menji. Some were released yesterday. It is very tense there.


Bamenda remains a very hostile zone. Skirmishes are reported on a daily basis.

Economic impact:

The crisis has greatly affected the way of life of most brothers and sisters in the English speaking parts of Cameroon. Cocoa seeds that was harvested last year could not be sold because most of the farmers are displaced. Even subsistence farmers cannot harvest food for fear of attacks. Some of our brothers and sisters are homeless since must houses have been burnt down in places like Nake. The Nake brothers will need some urgent help now since they are in a safe place and the suspicion that we are aiding terrorist will not apply here now.

Poverty will now be widespread since a lot of our brothers in some of the affected areas are no longer engaged in any income generating activity. Most of them are on the run and most of the children will be malnourished due to lack of food.

The Cameroon Government has imposed a 7 p.m. to 6 a.m. curfew on the Anglophones area.
There are military patrols who are vigorously ensuring that this is observed. This is further restricting the ability of brothers and sisters to hold meeting and for some the ability to earn a living. Some have been given permission to hold breaking of bread meetings on Sundays during daylight hours.

Bro Denis finished his message by saying:

“We will keep you updated on happenings in Cameroon as days goes by and our Lord Jesus Christ remains away. How we need Him now. Even so Come Lord Jesus.”

School children in Cameroon.

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