Signs of the times – “The miracle of Israel”

Vice President Pence Official Portrait.jpg
48th Vice President of the United States Michael Richard Pence

The current administration in Washington has from the start been extremely vocal in its support for the State of Israel. The Vice President, Mike Pence, has even acknowledged that Israel’s position in the modern world is a fulfilment of Bible prophecy.

For example, in his address last January to Israel’s parliament, the Knesset, the Vice President declared that

“America stands with Israel …The Jewish people held fast to a promise through all the ages, written so long ago, that ‘even if you have been banished to the most distant land under the heavens,’ from there He [God] would gather and bring you back to the land which your fathers possessed … How unlikely was Israel’s birth; how more unlikely has been her survival. And how confounding, and against the odds, has been her thriving”.

He later added,

“The miracle of Israel is an inspiration to the world”.

Sadly, much of the world doesn’t see it that way, but as the State of Israel approaches its seventieth anniversary, it is good for us to be reminded that the nation’s continuing existence and place in today’s world is indeed a miracle and testimony to God’s faithfulness in fulfilling His promises.

  • Brother Roger Long

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