February’s issue of The Christadelphian

February’s issue of The Christadelphian was dispatched at the end of January. If you have not yet received your copy please contact us or the Christadelphian Publishing Office, as it may be that your subscription came to an end or the renewal has not yet been processed.

In January the magazine commenced a new series “It’s about time!”, examining the end-time prophecies (Brother David Pearce), something they shall be continuing throughout 2018. >

A new short series on the ‘names of God’ (Calling on the name of the Lord ) by Brother Andrew E. Walker has commenced and an article on Abigail considers her effect on David’s behaviour. >



On a more practical level there is information for ecclesias on the forthcoming General Data Protection Regulations, and an editorial regarding ecclesial decision making.

As always there is the usual review of community news and reports from our Brotherhood around the world and standard articles such as Signs of the times and Israel and their Land.

Remember also that there is the Snapshot on discipleship

  1. The human body an amazing piece of workmanship and individual talents and personalities
  2. Looking at the Iraq war of 2003: February 2018 – Practical 2: Snapshots of discipleship; Author(s): Sid Levett; Binding: Digital; Format: PDF download; Publisher: The Christadelphian; Series: February 2018 magazine articles

Please, also do find the New articles or those which have come back into stock after being out of print for a period of time.

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