The One Day Conference Sale, Manchester Ecclesial Hall

On 10th March 2018 you are welcome to listen to Stephen Palmer (fr. Mumbles) at Sale, Manchester Ecclesial Hall, about

A Discovery of Psalm 34 ~ “O Taste and see that Yahweh is good”

Seek ye the LORD while he may be found, call upon him while he is near


Start time: 9:00am
Age: 17+

The purpose of  the One Day Conference is to help us all towards developing enthusiasm and delight in God’s word. Encouraging us to meditate upon it day and night, as we seek to ultimately develop the mind of Christ in us.

The subject for the One Day Conference this year is “O taste and see that Yahweh is good” ~ a discovery of Psalm 34. This Psalm is packed full of encouraging and powerful lessons for our walk towards God’s Kingdom.

The objective of this study guide is to ensure that you are familiar with the Psalm and to facilitate your discovery of the themes, symbols and messages, that have been left for us to seek out.

The organisers ask that you put the work into the study before you come to the conference. They hope that you will find the study guide an enjoyable way to prepare for the day. Familiarizing ourselves beforehand with the material will help us to contribute to the day, both in and outside the sessions. This is where the spirit of the One Day Conference lies.

The link to the workbook ~ ODC Study Guide

As it is a short Psalm, Brother Stephen has also suggested that memorizing the Psalm would be very beneficial to your personal study, and discussion on the day. This is not a requirement, but a challenge!

9.00- Arrival

9.30 – Session 1 – Discovering the Psalms

10.45 – Comfort Break

11.00 – Session 2 – Discovering the Shape

12.15 – Lunch break

1.30 – Session 3 – Discovering the connections

2.45 – Comfort break

3.00 – Session 4 – Discovering the applications

4.15 – Comfort break

4.45 – Session 5 – There’s more to discover

6.00 – Tea / Depart

Price for the day: £15 (due to meal costs, advertising and production of study notes after the event).

Book on at or use the Booking form
For more info email
This will include studies and workshops.
Meals are provided.

Opportunity to share a day of study and fellowship around the word of God.
All subject to the will of God.


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