Christadelphian Magazine’s E-books


Regular readers will be aware of the project running since 2014 to convert the Christadelphian Office’s books into electronic format. The intention was to build on the successful conversion of all magazines published since July 1864, a project which was completed over ten years ago. The book conversion work included:

  • Producing all new books in electronic format alongside the standard hard copies wherever practical to do so.
  • Ensuring the standard booklet series, covering explanations of our basic doctrines, be made available to read online.
  • Compiling certain magazine series (typically the centre Special Study section) into separate e-books.
  • Converting all the back catalogue of book titles. In some cases this was relatively easy as electronic material in some form was available, usually because this has become the standard method of sending files to printers. The task of converting all earlier books, where only paper information exists, has been significant. Each of these books has been scanned, carefully checked by proofreader volunteers, corrected and then converted.

It is pleasing to report that this work is very close to completion with only a handful of titles to convert. The result is a major resource of electronic material comprising over 175 titles, plus booklets and magazines. Some titles are available for free, giving an opportunity to try out e-books before making any purchases. These include Joseph the Saviour and Genesis Foundations.

During January all e-books (apart from the hymn books) can be purchased for half price, an ideal opportunity to start a collection. All e-books can be found on the Christadelphian Magazine website.

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