A Time for Generosity — Typhoon Damrey Crisis Relief

File:Typhoon 17W (Damrey) 200509250530.jpgVietnam has been hit with a devastating typhoon, which has resulted in a swath of destruction affecting scores of brothers and sisters. The Category 2 cyclone created substantial damage, tearing apart the homes of believers who were in the storm’s path.
“The water was rising so fast that it was coming in the doors of the van”.
By God’s grace, no brothers or sisters lost their lives.
Emergency relief organized by brethren in Australia is underway to provide food clothing and shelter to those most severely affected. In times of need, brethren remember the words of Jesus,
“Whosoever does it unto the least of these my brethren…”
WCF has been asked to raise $37,000 to help alleviate the suffering.
Will you help?

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