Ambassadors for Christ

Perhaps you do no know it yet, but there is a growing feeling that those who follow the Nazarene master teacher should bring the Good News the rabbi was talking about.  There is a growing knowledge that we should speak up as followers of Christ and should go out in the world as “Ambassadors for Christ“.

The world need people who come up for Jesus and who show how false rumours or false teachings are corrupting Christendom. The world need people who show the world who Jesus Christ really is and what he really has done for mankind. it is high time that more preachers show people that he is the sent one from God, the son of man and son of God, by whom salvation has come to humankind. there have to stand up more people who tell people about that Nazarene man and about how belief in Jesus is fundamental to salvation. The world need people who show how often, when people came to Jesus for healing, he would ask:

“Do you believe that I am able to do this?” (Matthew 9:28).

When he visited his hometown, John notes that:

“He did not do many mighty works there because of their unbelief.” (Matthew 13:58).

Believe in Christ is a necessity the world has to come to understand. To open the world its eyes people need ambassadors for Christ.

The joint Southampton and Portsmouth Fraternal to be held, God willing, at 4 pm on Saturday 21 October shall have Brother John Hellawell of Peterborough speaking on this theme.

In conjunction with Portsmouth the Southampton ecclesia shall be trying a new venue, which is spacious, comfortable, easy to get to and has good parking:

Burridge Village Hall, Recreation Ground, Botley Road, Burridge, SO31 1BS


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