2018 Christadelphian Bible School theme: Unto a perfect man

In one of the upcoming posts on Jeshuaists is been looked at the reason of man to try to come back into a state of purity and our reason to become like Jeshua or our effort to become like a second Adam, like Jesus is.

To be able to work at ourselves trying to become like Jesus in unity with God, it is necessary to come to know Jesus very well and to come to see how other people in the past tried to be in unity with their Creator.

Next year Bro Martyn Lawrence (Doncaster) at the Christadelphian Bible School will be looking at the birth and early years of Jesus prior to his baptism. Bro Tim Morgan (Ashton-under-Lyne) shall bring “Lessons from some “2nd tier” bible characters. Eg Jethro, Balaam, Caleb, Onesiphoris etc”, whilst Bro John Owen (Mumbles) shall go to the root with “David: Shepherding Israel”.

They shall be pleased to have you gathering with all like minded people at the quiet and attractive venue for the Bible School at the Harper Adams Agricultural University in the heart of the Shropshire countryside (the leading specialist university tackling the future development of our planet’s food production, processing, animal sciences, engineering, land management, environmental management and sustainable business) where we can enjoy the use of many acres of landscaped grounds.

Bamford library at night

At the moment people who can help with ideas such as painting, pilates, gardening, cross-country walks, croquet, singing, floristry or crafts to be incorporated into the timetable to make a full and varied programme of activities which can be enjoyed by adults and children, are welcome to offer their services.

Please volunteer to help in more than one area and with as many sessions as possible with teaching, recreation, sports and social activities. This helps the organisers greatly when allocating tasks but be rest assured they will not over burden you during the week.


Bible School starts on the first Monday of August: 06/08/2018;

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