Downend Christadelphian Youth Weekend 2017

On Friday 17th to Sunday 19th November youngsters are expected to come together to meet others who, like them, have learned to cope and can dissociate themselves from the nasty things; the cruel men and women, the serial killers, terrorism, the images of violence and horror that bombard us daily from the media.

English: Louis Armstrong
Louis Armstrong (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We do not know if they shall be able to croon along to Louis Armstrong’s signature song of a wonderful world and disregard, if only for a few minutes, the obvious evidence that our world is far from wonderful.

The last few days at the Downend Christadelphians they talked about

What is the point of life? Is there a meaning or a purpose behind our existence or is life merely a random accident with no ultimate significance? To decide we must examine life’s biggest questions.

It is no accident that human beings yearn for meaning, for fulfilment, and for a sense of belonging in the world’s great unfolding story. We are designed to look for precisely these things and through them to come to know something of God himself, the great creative mind who orchestrates it all.

For 13+ many questions may be on their mind and by looking at Elisha several may find a reply at the youth weekend.

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