The ecclesia Facebook account from now on restricted access

Because of recent events and again attacks on our ecclesia and members of our ecclesia, we tried to find a solution to let our own ecclesia members know certain things they should have current knowledge of.
To post such restricted viewing messages here on this website does harm the layout and is against our open policy. To work with two different passwords is also not so practical. Though we had to find a way to let certain people see a message whilst non-members of the ecclesia not.

Today we think we found a reasonable solution, which we shall try out the coming days or months.

Not registered ones yet, those who want to follow the ecclesia, shall have to let themselves known.

Only problem will be, that those who want to follow these writings on WordPress and would like to follow us by Facebook, shall have to connect with us and then we shall have to agree to allow them to become a friend of the ecclesia Facebook provision.

Therefore we advice to preferably follow us by WordPress itself or by e-mail. In that instance you shall receive a message each time an article is published on this but not the other WordPress sites. So in that instance you shall have to repeat this action for every site from us.


An other way is to connect with one of our Facebook Pages. As long as we keep them visible for all this should not give a problem, though you shall have to go to different pages to follow or like, to receive notices of all the articles.

Find a.o.

Facebook page of the Free Christadelphians

Christadelphia Facebook page

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