Nalonda Christadelphian School for Children who are Handicapped (CSCH)

Bro. Horst Truestedt and Bro. Tano Teka were in Nalonda, Kenya in January 2017, and visited the Christadelphian School for Children who are Handicapped (CSCH). This school is primarily sponsored by the Christadelphian Meal-a-Day-Fund, UK (CMaD-UK).

While Bro. Horst Truestedt was touring the school, he noticed the secondary school is in desperate need of a new dormitory and class room. He did not take any pictures of the girl’s dormitory – thinking it would be an invasion of their privacy; but if you can imagine bunk beds packed together so tightly they have to climb over the back to get into bed, then you have a picture of their current situation.

CMaD-UK funds this school for operational expenses, but not for projects.

Bro. Horst Truestedt  is hereby requesting and soliciting funding for a new dormitory and classroom, which hopefully can still be built this year. The projected cost for both projects is estimated to be about $70,000.

If you can help, please send your tax-deductible gift before September 1, 2017 by:

– submitting your donation on-line at or

– sending a check to:

Donations from the U.S.
Payable to Christadelphian Meal a Day Fund of the Americas
c/o Casey Opitz
1413 Orchard Hill Lane
Charlottesville, VA 22911

Donations from Canada
Payable to Christadelphian Meal a Day Fund of Canada
Alex Browning
16 Bowes Garden Court
Toronto, Ontario, Canada M1C 4L5

Donations from other countries need to come direct to CMaD in the UK. > Meal a day UK

meal-a-day-logoPlease designate your donation “For the CSCH in Kenya.” If you can help, the Meal-a-Day Fund of the Americas will ensure your tax-deductible gift is received by CMaD-UK. Any amount raised will be sent and designated for use by the school.

Many thanks – in the Hope of Israel,

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