Abound To Every Good Work (2 Cor. 9:8)

Surely there is nothing sadder or more tragic than individuals claiming to be brethren and sisters of Christ who “do not know what to do with their time”: who “have nothing to do”. There is enough to do to fill a hundred lifetimes, if people would open their eyes, and get their little minds off themselves. No One does enough for others, in service and kindness and remembrance. No One studies enough. No One writes enough letters. No One preaches the Truth enough.

True brethren and sisters of Christ will be perpetually thankful for every precious moment with joyful usefulness in His glorious service. Many worldly organizations are crying for volunteers to do urgently needed humanitarian work. This is truly a waste of time for Christ’s brethren and sisters, who have a multitude of far higher and more eternally useful things pressing to be done; but at least this fact is a standing condemnation of any who do not FILL their lives with SOME useful and helpful activity. The

English: rileys make a wish at give kids the world
RIleys make a wish at give kids the world (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

empty-headed, infantile world more and more seeks baby-toys and games and vacuous, spoon-fed Disney “entertainment”. Let the children of wisdom be far, far above this pitiful life-wasting folly!

“Always abound in the work of the Lord.”

The more we devote our lives to constructively and actively doing the work of God, the less likely we are to sin. This is not a guarantee, for the flesh is very deceptive, but it is a great help. The more we keep God in mind, the more He will strengthen us against weakness and folly. We are much more likely to sink into sin when our guard is down, and our minds are on present things. Knowing this, we are responsible for our failures if we put ourselves in the channel of failure.

– By Brother Growcott


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