Wheels For Housebound Widows in Jamaica

The picturesque island of Jamaica is renown for its sandy beaches and coastal resorts. But beyond the affluent tourist areas there is another reality. Jamaica has struggled with low growth, high public debt and a weak economy. The country continues to be confronted by high levels of crime and violence and high unemployment particularly affecting the youth. In such an environment, many of the island’s vulnerable can fall between the cracks.

Toyota Hiace long van Super GL 2.5 turbo-diesel
Toyota Hiace long van Super GL 2.5 turbo-diesel (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Martin Shirley, a White Fields worker, had been providing spiritual, pastoral and welfare support to some of the island’s most needy, including elderly Christadelphian brothers and sisters who do not have family upon which they can rely. When his old van succumbed to the island’s poor roads, he was no
longer able to visit the elderly and assist with their transportation needs. In response, WCF provided
funding for Martin to purchase a used Toyota Hiace van that offers ample seating for providing rides
to meeting and ecclesial functions.

WCF continues to support the work of Brother Martin as he serves ‘the widows and fatherless in their



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