Enrollment for 2017, 2018 at Heritage College Lake Macquarie

Heritage College Lake Macquarie provides quality education in a beautiful landscaped setting and in a social context that values Godly character and conduct. There are currently about 200 students attending HCLM and the school population continues to steadily grow each year.

HCLM is one of five Christadelphian Schools in Australia. It is located on the east coast of Australia, two hours north of Sydney.”

English: Looking down Macquarie Street from Hy...
Looking down Macquarie Street from Hyde Park. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Heritage College Lake Macquarie and has emerged into the local education arena as a place that provides students with a rigorous curriculum and an engaging learning environment within a caring and nurturing setting. Our school values the importance of educating the “whole” child, including the academic, spiritual, physical and emotional, through a rich and varied curriculum. Overseas or interstate visitors are welcome to book a tour of our campus by contacting the school office.
Heritage College is currently enrolling for 2017, 2018 and beyond. Please ring (02)4977 3456 or email office@heritage.edu.au for more information.

You are able to find out more information by clicking on the links below.

Subscribe to the HCLM Newsletter – https://eepurl.com/bl_AAv

Request HCLM Information – http://www.lakemac.heritage.edu.au/how-to-enrol

Refer a Friend to HCLM – https://goo.gl/df5I5n


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