Fund Raising for Operation Onesimus

The 2017 Operation Onesimus Program planning is underway. WCF are eagerly anticipating this year’s program! Lord willing, training will take place Sunday July 9th thru Saturday July, 22nd at Schooley’s Mountain, NJ.

The confirmed teachers include: Bro.’s Steven Cox, John Launchbury, Brad Ricks and James Diliberto. Registration is now open at

Operation Onesimus is a unique opportunity for young people, ages 16 and up. WCF Operation Onesimus‘ mission is to provide a passionate and stimulating two-week training focused on strengthening and affirming students who feel the need for an authentic personal conversion. The organisation seeks to equip them with the spiritual disciplines necessary to question, discuss and take ownership of their faith.

Our goal is to challenge young people who are moving into adulthood searching to establish their worldview and self-identity, and help them to engage productively with their brethren as active participants within and outside our community. We encourage them to publicly and authentically advocate their beliefs, the Bible, their Lord and to make their faith evident in their everyday life.

Prayer and your financial support are the fuel that will allow what Operation Onesimus does possible as we follow God’s leading in this ministry. Please help us strengthen our young people. We want to win their engagement, stoke their enthusiasm, and present them to the brotherhood as strong, useful men and women.

Many OO alumni participants share similar testimonies:

“It has been awesome seeing the impact of OO’s training in my mission trips, everyday life, and ecclesial life. God knew I needed to experience a new form of service that required much more faith to get me out of my comfort zone and whose impact would be significant.”

“I grew up in a strong five generation Christadelphian household that served the Lord. Yet, it was Operation Onesimus that woke me up in my faith and showed me how to serve. It portrayed to me the spirit of humility that a servant of God should have, and what specifically I could do with my work in the community. OO opened my eyes to see the harvest all around us and the work that needs to be done. I never saw the absolute necessity of that until my OO experience.”


For the last several years, OO has been working to keep program costs down. In order to continue being responsible with their donations, and improve OO’s financial viability, they maintain a strong relationship with their New Jersey brethren who graciously continue to provide them with the Christadelphian Bible Camp at Schooley’s Mountain at minimal cost. In addition, OO participants offer their services in helping with the camp’s maintenance and renovations.

The organisation continues to request voluntary tuitions from each participant, hold annual committee meetings via skype, and reduce food costs. They are also working with other camps and bible schools to share teachers, consequently sharing travel expenses.

Operation Onesimus is a separate entity that relies solely on donations from ecclesias, individuals, and voluntary tuition from Onesimus students. OO is not a subsidiary program of any other foundation. Therefore, they are asking for your prayerful financial collaboration to make this year a success in training our youth for their lifelong work for Christ. Each year they plan by faith that God will provide the resources the program requires for its operation. The cooperative spirit is what makes Onesimus work. The program has a lasting spiritual impact on the students who participate, and are now blessed to be seeing, among the participants, the children of brethren who participated in the program 48 years ago!

It is because of your faithful financial support that they can continue to provide preaching and missionary opportunities in the Christadelphian community both at home and abroad, support summer program expenses, committee meetings, our website-, and more.


Their assets at this time are approximately $10,000.00. In order to cover the costs for this year’s program and solidify a financial base for future programs their fundraising goal is $10,000. The bulk of the program costs arise from teacher’s travel expenses, camp donation cost, food, and supplies with an annual projected budget from $10K-$12K.

They are asking that all tax deductible contributions, ecclesial and individual, be payable to Operation Onesimus, and sent to:

c/o Bro James Ross
106 Middle Post Point
Chardon, Ohio 44024

A receipt will be mailed back to you. For a detailed financial report, further questions or concerns you may contact their Treasurer & Fundraiser- Bro James and Sis Becky Ross at 440/286-8071 or e-mail

Thank you for your continued prayers and being a part of all that GOD is doing through Operation Onesimus.

Love in the Lord,

Follow our Operation Onesimus page on Facebook or @operationonesimus on Instagram.


Schooley’s Mountain Bible Camp
286 Schooley’s Mountain Rd
Hackettstown, NJ 07853

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