Questions on the Bible and Crossword Books

question-time-20161201-opening-dayLots of people do have many questions. Looking for answers on vital life questions and matters around faith we would like to recommend to have a look at Questiontime, a new website that poses lots of intriguing questions and tries to offer you an insight in the possible answers.

Post Phos Productions wants also to offer you a variety of Questions on the Bible. Over-there questions were contributed by many authors, so all the authors are referred to by the one pen-name: Aquila N. Priscilla.

The books shown here are available direct from Lulu. You can shop from your own country and save exchange and some postage costs.

The Crossword Books are new (they are still working on suitable questions) – they may be a little rough until they get some feedback, however the other ‘Know Question’ books have been around for a while.

Most of the public their feedback is positive.

Have a look for yourself and add more interest to your Daily Readings especially if you have children that do the Readings with you.

You can purchase: Know Questions on The Bible in paperback or hard cover. You may also find 4 convenient volumes based on a daily reading plan known as The Bible Companion: January to March; April to June; July to September; October to December.

So why not start to test and improve your Bible Knowledge soon by purchasing at least one of these books?

You’ll be happy you did.




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