Astronomy and the Bible

Already in the first Book of books man is confronted with his surroundings, the Word of God talking about astronomic elements. By some scientists the connection of the universe and the Divine Maker is something which not only belongs to a black hole, but to something which they not seem to find to recollect with those Holy Scriptures, though everything is so simply explained in those books. Perhaps because it is told so simply for many it may look just as folk tales and not true.

It were men of science who did not want to accept at first what was written in the bible, that the earth was not the central point of universe and that there are many more planets, stars and moons than man can count. In the Old Testament, Job 26:7 it is already explained that the earth is suspended in space, though many people did not want to believe that their flat plate would be unending (or round).

Throughout the centuries man has created many theories. As such we got the fission theory which states that the moon split off from the spinning earth, like mud flung from a bicycle wheel. Some say that the Pacific Ocean basin is the scar that remains from this loss of material. Others prefer the capture theory in which is told that gravity brought the moon into earth orbit when it once wandered too close to earth. According other scientists there is condensation, nebular contraction, or accretion, where we do have to find the concurrent formation of both the earth and moon from small chunks of material. As a result, the moon “just happens” to circle the earth, according to them.

But is it all just coincidence?

It was hoped by many experts that the different space program’s and the manned visits to the moon would provide definitive answers to the lunar-origin question. Instead, many new questions were raised, and the origin of the moon remains a mystery to secular science.

A themed weekend aimed at adults and young people interested in learning more about the heavens and what God has to say about them.

Bayfordbury campus (27115264794).jpg
The University of Hertfordshire‘s astronomical and atmospheric physics remote sensing observatory- Optical domes of the Bayfordbury Observatory

The weekend will commence with an exclusive visit to the Bayfordbury Observatory, University of Hertfordshire including a talk from a post-graduate astronomy student, a presentation in the planetarium and tour of their optical telescopes. Most of the other activities and meals will take place at the Ware ecclesial hall.

There will be several talks to include:

→ ‘The Heavens declare the Glory of God’ & ‘Why the earth is so well designed for life’ by bro Andy Webb (Glasgow Kelvin)
→ ‘The Stars of the Bible’ and ‘The Spiritual Significance of the Heavens’ by bro Paul Boyd (Ware)

English: NASA photos of Earth and Moon labeled...
NASA photos of Earth and Moon labeled with some data on orbits and tilts (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Spaces are limited and booking is essential. Reservations can only be confirmed once payment has been received. The cost for the weekend is £40 (earners) and £20 (students/non-earners) including the Observatory entry fee. If finance is a problem please get in touch in confidence and they will work something out. Students/non-earners will be accommodated with brothers & sisters and the Wake ecclesia will provide others with a list of local B&B establishments so that they than can organise their own accommodation.

For further information/to make a booking please contact sister Faith Boyd via email or phone 01920 484363


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