Suffering brothers and sisters in Malawi, Mozambique and surrounding areas

Women in Mozambique with maize.
Women in Mozambique with maize. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Our brothers and sisters in Malawi, Mozambique and surrounding areas are suffering as a result of two very poor harvests. During the 2014/15 growing season torrential rain washed away much of the seed which had been planted, as well as causing other problems. In 2015/16 there was very little rainfall, which again meant a very meager harvest. Large areas of both countries are affected, and the price of maize flour has increased dramatically, so that most brothers and sisters are unable to afford to buy even this staple item of their diet.

C.B.M. Welfare fund is attempting to provide help to those affected, and Christadelphian Samaritan Fund has made donations to charities providing food for the wider population. Should there be a third poor harvest the possible effects will be catastrophic.

C.B.M. Council had designated Sunday 6th November as a Day of Prayer, asking, at the start of the growing season that the Lord God will send sufficient rain to provide the right growing conditions to give a really good harvest. We recognize that even this will not alleviate all the problems and that the full solution will only be when the Kingdom comes.

Two months further we may face a new year with hope for better times. In the west we have enough food and do not have to worry so much about wars and though our regions may be hit by terrorism less people are really affected by it, having even more people being killed by traffic each day than by terrorist attacks.

Please do not forget those who live in the south of this globe. It was good to have a prayer day on the 6th of November, but also today our thought should go to those who are starving and need our help.

Also these coming days do not forget

* A Prayer that the Lord God will bless the Harvest

It may be that if we follow the example of Elijah the Lord God will give them rain in due season, and the land shall yield her increase, and the trees of the field shall yield their fruit. (Leviticus 26:4)

Should you require further details do please contact any member of C.B.M. Council.


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