WCF DVD Faith in the face of adversity

A new DVD has been produced by WCF, entitled Faith in the face of adversity.
It is aimed mainly at brothers and sisters, rather than being for preaching purposes.

The DVD is a series of case studies of brothers and sisters who have faced great adversity in their lives, and explores how they have coped, through their faith.
It’s intended to be a DVD that you can dip in and out of, rather than watching all the case studies in one go.
There is also a section providing advice for all brothers and sisters, about how best to support those going through adversity, with some practical dos and don’ts.

English: Sony DVD.
Sony DVD. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The DVD is available in UK to order from Biblia books at www.bibliabooks.org.uk or by emailing sis Mary Whittaker at mrywhttkr@hotmail.com

The cost is just 1.50 pounds including postage, or 50p if it can be delivered to you without posting.

Ecclesias may choose to order a number for all their members.
Bro Ken Curry in USA reviewed the DVD recently and wrote:

*I have watched this DVD with amazement and appreciation three times already! The subject touches so many people and different situations. There is, however, a universal message for anyone of any age who has ever questioned the meaning of difficult experiences in life.
The openness and spiritual clarity of those interviewed is compelling. They speak with insight, emotion and understanding. Whatever happened to them they see God at the core and with God having the final answer – the only answer. They question – they probe – they look to the Scriptures – but God is always at the center of their inquiry. This is true personal faith in action.
Each interview is rich in its forcefulness in documenting a difficult journey. The viewer is drawn into each situation and in the end feel they have traveled a short part of the journey with these faithful disciples.
I write to express my thanks for this wonderful glimpse into the lives of fellow-believers we now get to know in part through this DVD. My thanks to you, to WCF and to each person interviewed for this valuable contribution to our better understanding of “faith in the face of adversity*.


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