Prayers but also financial support requested

debt-clearing-1157824_640At our meeting we do not go round with a basket or do not ask to contribute to the service, except when we ask each person to bring something with him or her for the meal we have together after the Breaking of bread. Everybody is free to give a contribution whenever and how they want. Though we must tell you today that we have a terrible balance (i.e. a negative balance) which makes the degree to which we can carry out our role is currently in flux.

Always remember that because we do not have any property of our own, we are obliged always to rent the spaces for meeting and for doing our administrative work. Luckily we do have a WordPress platform where at the moment we can present several blogs with different subject as aim to reach each their specific public. But for placing the articles, for using copyright work,and for going on the internet we have to pay quit a lot each year. all our work is done unpaid, but all the material, internet, electricity, heating etc. do cost money.

We previously on this site did not ask money yet. Circumstance oblige us to have our cry for help going into the air.

For those who have to pay their taxes in Holland it can be arranged that their gift, when above 40€, can be deducted from their taxincome. A pity we can not offer the same arrangement in our own country for people who have to pay their taxes here in Belgium. But please let does not that stop you from giving us some financial aid.

Gifts to the Belgian account may be made with the notice “Christadelphian Mission work” at  Giro account BE37 9730 6618 2528;

We pray for the Father’s blessing that the work of our Belgian ecclesia may continue, and we might fulfil our mission statement of enabling brothers and sisters to “Preach the Truth to the World and Serve the Household of Faith.”

We invite all who are willing and able to help our mission to stay the course with their donations large or small.

If you have a proposal for some work in service of our Lord, and funding would enable it to proceed, please contact us.

Please offer prayers in support of the projects that we continue to offer to the general public.


Thanking you in anticipation,

at your service,

the Belgian Christadelphians

2 thoughts on “Prayers but also financial support requested

  1. You also may help us financially by contributing to our Giro bankaccount:

    IBAN: BE37 9730 6618 2528  – BIC ARSPBE22 with the notification: “Christadelphian preaching” or with the notification “Assistance” or indicate yourself the cause you want us to provide help (e.g. educational program, meal a day, families in need, elderly in need, etc.)


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