New websites for 2016 to take in mind and to visit


Relating to God - blog (WordPress website)
Relating to God – blog (WordPress website)

One year after Messiah for all, which focuses on the Messiah, a website focussing on the heavenly father of the Messiah came in the light. Relating to God presented its first articles in March 2016.

Those two websites focus each on a specific subject and try to reach people who want to know more about God and about Jesus Christ.

In these times lots of people have loads of questions they would like to find answered. For that reason this month a new website was presented to the general public.

Differently than the previous above mentioned websites the new website is especially there for people with many doubts, wondering atheists, non-believers and those who might be interested in spiritual matters. It offers not only many questions but hopes to find enough people willing to bring their views as well and offers also some view of different possible answers to the questions presented.

Its title comes from the hour that one wants to give to those who have many answers. “Question Time” presents the questions and tries to go deeper into them, in the hope the reader or visitor to the site might find some reasonable answers.

Please visit the site and are not afraid to join the conversation or to give your own opinion. All remarks are welcome.

Questiontime-  Vragenuurtje




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New platform for questions and answers

On the first of December 2016 a new platform saw its light on WordPress. It is a place where questions will be posted and where will be looked at possible answers to many questions that keep many people busy all the time.





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