Worship Book Launch event and UKCC choir day

All are welcome to join the Brethren and Sisters for an evening of praise and there is no need to book if you are just attending the evening event. > Saturday 22nd October. This will now take place at 7pm at Wolverhampton ecclesial hall

For those interesting in coming for the whole day and learning lots of new pieces from the orange Worship Book, the day starts at 10am at Wolverhampton ecclesial hall. Please email ukchristadelphianchoir@gmail.com for more information or to book your place.

It has also been possible to arrange a UKCC choir day and praise evening in Glasgow (ecclesial hall tbc) the following Saturday, 29th October. The day will follow the familiar pattern (rehearsals start at 10am and praise evening at 7pm) and the theme will be *Even So, Come*. For more information or to book on, please email hannahdawsonbowman@hotmail.co.uk.


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