2020 years since

The names Joshua and Jeshua in Hebrew writing ...
The names Joshua and Jeshua in Hebrew writing with “taggim” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

At the beginning of the new academic and religious year we remember that it was 2020 years ago that Jeshua, Jesus Christ was born in Bethlehem. He was for many years announced to come, like now his return has been announced for many years also, we are waiting to that particular moment. Like the ancient believers in the Only One True God of Abraham where in full expectation for the Messiah to come, we too are today in expectation for his return.

We do already have the assurance that previous prophesies have come true and that we may look froward to the other prophesies to become a reality as well.

From the moment Jeshua took on his public life he got followers, men and women who believed in him and learned from his wise teachings. Today we still have those teachings to guide us through life. His words we should take at heart and believe in him who was been sent by the Most Almighty God.

Jesus’ disciples started a chain which still goes on and brought many gifted and influential preachers who served faithfully around the world and in terms of Kingdom impact, may have touched many.

A new academic year has something exiting about it. Not only is it a special moment for those starting university or high school, or for those returning to see old friends, but also for those of us who enjoy teaching and learning from each other.

Also at church the elder is confronted with presenting a new lecture course, which can give him the feeling like pulling on a brand new pair of socks, which never feel the same once they have been washed and dried.

 All socks end up without a pair or too holey sensibly to drag out of the drawer yet again… .{Academic year 2016-17}

We hope everyone had a great summer achieving goals while also spending time to relax and recharge. We are entering this new academic year which means we will resume our blog on a regular basis and start soon again with our local services.

We cannot let the summer go by without reflecting on some of last year’s challenges and accomplishments. This month we also shall see which solutions members may bring to overcome our negative financial ciphers. We do not have a certain budget model (Performance-Based Budgeting) or an ambitious goal to eliminate a deficit, but always could use some advice and help to avoid the negative numbers.

This year we do hope we shall be able to see some positive signs and get some more people to accept that Jesus is the Way to God.

Trying to engage people who might not be willing, is not an easy task to do. Most librarians can relate to this, whether it being outreach activities or inducting new students. {Art Library Inductions}

Having to bring people to read the Bible is even more difficult than getting them regularly at the library. But we shall continue to present the big library of books. Like  libraries are not book shops selling the best sellers, the major library we want to present to our readers, hold older, wonderful texts, hidden gems that would be missed by many searching online. But we also want to show our readers the many writings, old and new, that are available on the net and at the many libraries all over the world.

Being aware that

It’s essential to remember to demonstrate online resources, when doing this practice is important. Showing new library users that a resources is simple and easy to use, will increase their confidence and likelihood of them using the resources at a later date. {Art Library Inductions}

we only can hope our visitors will take time to look at the given links in our articles and shall go looking further about the issues touched here at this platform.

Newspapers and news reports seem to be hell bent on informing us about how bad the world is that we live in.  They are quick to tell us how bad things are, or how worse things are getting.  We all know people around us who always seem to see the bad in everything.  They don’t want to try another initiative or idea because they’ve already made their minds up that it won’t work! {Stop Knocking Others by Stress Free Teacher}

At this site and at our other sites, like at From Guestwriters, we shall continue to send the positive message of our hope in a better world. We shall keep trying to sell something everybody considers nothing worth or just wasted dreams. We’ll continue to show how valuable our dreams are.

We are not going to let us being pulled down. Also this year we are not going to  spend our life listening to those who are willing to knock everything.

Like poison their negativity will spread and affect the way you think.  Instead of being full of positivity and enthusiasm you will become pessimistic and tell yourself that it can’t be done or it is too hard.  Before you’ve even given something a try you’ll have made up your mind and given up! {Stop Knocking Others by Stress Free Teacher}

Though many would like it that we give up, we continue our walk in Christ and our task Christ has given his followers, to proclaim the Kingdom of God.

At the beginning of the new season we shall once more try to make positive changes and therefore we’ll need a positive outlook.

We also shall follow the advice of the Stress Free Teacher blog, trying

to spend time with positive influences, those colleagues and friends that see the glass as half full instead of empty.  These are the people that want you to succeed and want you to be happy.  Be the change you want to see!  Get up and do something about the problems you see. Nothing ever changed by doing nothing. {Stop Knocking Others by Stress Free Teacher}

On From Guestwriters we shall continue to spread our positive thoughts, but also here we shall look at our very small ecclesia, not letting us pulled down because not many want to follow the teachings of rabbi Jeshua, Jesus Christ, the Messiah.

We shall be ready to help others and to give advice for those who are looking for counsel. For sure, the thought of failing is not going us to stop taking action.  If we  don’t succeed at least we tried, which is more than those griping and groaning in the staffroom or several church-boards are doing.

Life isn’t fair! You know this! You also know that knocking others doesn’t get you very far towards your goals and your aim of being a positive human being! {Stop Knocking Others by Stress Free Teacher}

So,join us on our positive voyage.

Having 2020 years passed since Christ Jesus was born, we shall look into the events around his birth and share his message of hope on this site with you and all who come along.


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