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I guess it depends on which millennium or century you were born in, or whether you were born in the 40’s, the 50’s, the 70’s the 80’s or even the 90’s as to whether doing a seminar style preaching effort is considered old school or not. Certainly in recent times it is old school, but for my age bracket, I’m a 50’s child, seminars are new …. Sort off.

Colorful seminar sign outside the Durban BEC
Series of Seminars under the banner of ‘Do you know the Real Jesus?’ primarily aimed at former and current BEC (Bible Education Centre) Students.

Anyway, I digress. Three weeks ago on a Saturday morning commencing shortly after the sun rose at 9.30am, Barry (Barry van Heerden ed.) and I started a bible seminar series commencing with a Prophecy Day followed by a four part series based on “Do You Know the Real Jesus”.

{Each seminar is done in three parts over thee hours and comprises of a formal 40 minute presentation with questions and refreshments in-between each session. The presenters are Bre. Charlie Taylor, Matt Blewett and Barry van Heerden. The seminars have been advertised via bulk SMS using our BEC data-base as well as using street posters outside of the BEC in town as well as outside the hall.}

We were not really sure what to expect from over 200 sms invitations. Experience in South Africa has taught us to expect some immediate acceptances, but then not to expect more than 50% of registrants to turn up.


Barry and I have been involved in a lot of Bible Classes and talks in all sorts of places and townships around Durban. We have spoken and made presentations in everything from halls and meeting places with seating for over 150 people to sitting inside a “Shanty House Room” with 2-3 people listening. The Zulu people are genuinely enthusiastic about hearing about the bible, but they are less enthusiastic about following up and turning up to events they have committed too. This lethargic is also not helped by all our events being free. Not turning up to a free event is not costly, and besides, the sudden burst of sun, wind or rain can change even the best laid plans. Then there are the deaths of a distant neighbour in a far flung suburban area on the other side of Durban that requires respect being shown. And finally there is African time ….. which means turning up for a three hour seminar that starts at 9.30 am and arriving at 1.30pm in time to see the last few people leaving !!!

Setting the Durban Hall up for the Seminars
Setting the Durban Hall up for the Seminars

But this first seminar day was different … well sort off.  We had received nearly 50 registrations. Barry and I had also taken the approach of making this seminar different to most talks Zulu’s had seen. We had set the hall up with tables, water jugs, glasses and bowls of mints on every table. Note paper, pens and seminar note summaries of all the talks and presentations was also provided to every seat. Our motto was … if we set it up well, they will come  !!!  The final piece of the day was an enjoyable morning tea of cakes and slices over a cuppa tea or coffee.

Setting the Durban Hall up for the Seminars

Setting the Durban Hall up for the Seminars

Well, come they did. Over thirty visitors arrived between 9.30 and 10.30am, Yes, African time stilled applied, but the surprised and happy looks on their faces at the tables, the water jugs, the bowls of mints on each table said it all. The prophecy seminar which I gave on this occasion seemed to go over very well. Numerous complimentary notes, comments and written responses were collected at the end of the three seminars as many of the visitors lingered long after the talks had ended. It was a similar response the following week with Barry speaking and introducing the series on “Do You Know the Real Jesus”. Today it was Matt Blewett and the responses to these series has been very encouraging, with many asking for another series while others have asked us to come to their churches and teach their members the same message.

Listening intently to the bible seminar
Listening intently to the bible seminar

All eyes on the speaker
All eyes on the speaker

Durban BEC Seminars 1.8.2015 022As a result of these seminars, Barry and I have agreed to re-present the “Knowing Jesus” presentation at a function being arranged by another Church’s Paster, where over 50 people have booked in to listen to us. We never know where these things take us or will lead us too, all we know is we go where the spirit leads us and where people are interested in listening to the word of God.

Eyes and ears focused on the presentation
Eyes and ears focused on the presentation

Next week Barry and I are going to prison, the Westville Prison. Not as inmates, but to preach and make a number of Certificate Presentations to a number of prisoners who are trying to turn their lives around by learning more about the bible, more about God and his son Jesus.

Barry speaking on Knowing the Real Jesus
Barry speaking on Knowing the Real Jesus

Old school, new school or otherwise, these seminars and our other preaching efforts are opening doors to us that we did not envisage in our wildest dreams at the start of this year. From Zulu people stopping us in the streets and the shops of Durban, to elderly people in hospitals and nursing homes, young people, teenagers, mothers carrying babies on their back …. all of them wanting a piece of our time to listen to the words of God or to invite us to their churches. Faith and belief in God is alive and well in South Africa.



The Weekend that changed the world

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