Mastering English in Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia is a region that is catching ‘English fever’. But many believers, because of their humble circumstances, have not had the opportunity to learn English and are disadvantaged in both spiritual and practical ways. It’s impossible to converse with brethren speaking a different language at Bible Schools or other cross-border church activities. Language barriers invariably hamper fellowship. The paucity of local translators has also hindered unilingual Western brethren from preaching in the region.

Fluency in English also opens doors to employment — especially with multinational corporations. English is also the
language of tourism and increasingly, the language of higher education. The salaries and job security that comes from
proficiency in English in turn encourage greater self-sufficiency and reduce the reliance on aid from overseas brethren.

WCF has undertaken a program to fund English instruction for suitably selected candidates. The student’s cost for ESL tuition and supplies is $1,000 a year. The generosity of WCF-donors has enabled these young brothers and sisters to continue their
studies and open new doors for their future.


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